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Laughlin Service Requests

Completing a Service Request does not replace calling 9-1-1 in an emergency if you need immediate police, medical or fire assistance.  Do not submit a Service Request for disturbance calls involving loud parties, loud music complaints, minor disturbances, a break-in or vandalism that occurred "sometime prior" or discovered upon returning home, and the suspects have left the scene.  In these instances, please call 3-1-1 for non-emergency police assistance.  

Below you'll find resources for common neighborhood issues, and if assistance is still needed, complete a Service Request to your area command for follow-up.

Who can I call?

The following areas are the responsibilities of both the Neighborhood Response Divisions, which enforce the City of Las Vegas codes, and Clark County Public Response, which enforce and investigate violations in the county.

  • Housing violations
  • Removal of trash and debris on private property
  • Neighborhood clean-ups
  • Illegal signs
  • Illegal dumping on private property
  • Illegal structures without proper building permits
  • Graffiti on residential fences/block walls
  • Unsecured vacant building
  • Abandoned vehicles on private property **
  • Illegal residential businesses
  • Yard sales
  • Removal of weeds, dry vegetation or overgrowth in public right-of-way
  • Outside storage
  • Removal of shopping carts
  • Animal complaints pertaining to the number of animals owned
  • Enforcement of zoning regulations in compliance with city and county

City Code Enforcement - (702) 229-6615
County Code Enforcement - (702) 455-4191

** For abandoned vehicles in your neighborhood on a public roadway please call (702) 455-8697 to speak to a member of the Las Vegas Township Constable’s Office or leave a message with detailed information.

Other problems and who to call:

Stray animals:  Animal Control - (702) 455-7710
Sight obstructions that pose danger to public:  Public Works Traffic Operations - (702) 455-7544
Bee/bug problems:  Health District Environmental Control - (702) 383-1251
Mobile home complaint:  Manufactured Housing Association - (702) 484-4135
Tenant/Landlord problems:  Nevada Legal Services - (702) 386-1070
Clark County Public Works concerns including roadway, traffic and flood control channels in the Unincorporated Clark County:  702-455-6000

If none of the above meet your needs and you require community policing, please see below to submit a request for service.