Fiscal Affairs Committee

Bill McBeath, Chairman
Cedric Crear, Councilman
Stavros Anthony, Councilman
Larry Brown, Commissioner
Jim Gibson, Commissioner

2020 FAC Schedule  - REVISED.pdf2020 FAC Schedule - REVISED
Full Agenda 01-27-20.pdfFull Agenda 01-27-20
Full Agenda 02-24-20.pdfFull Agenda 02-24-20
FY21 Tentative Budget.pdfFY21 Tentative Budget
Full Agenda 04-27-20.pdfFull Agenda 04-27-20
FY21 Final Budget.pdfFY21 Final Budget
Full Agenda 05-11-20.pdfFull Agenda 05-11-20
2019 FAC Meeting Schedule.pdf2019 FAC Meeting Schedule
Full Agenda 01-28-19.pdfFull Agenda 01-28-19
Full Agenda 02-25-19.pdfFull Agenda 02-25-19
FY2019-2020 Tentative Budget.pdfFY2019-2020 Tentative Budget
Assigned Officers Vs Violent Crime.pptxAssigned Officers Vs Violent Crime
Full Agenda 03-25-19.pdfFull Agenda 03-25-19
Full Agenda 04-22-19.pdfFull Agenda 04-22-19
Final Budget FY19-20.pdfFinal Budget FY19-20
Full Agenda 05-20-19.pdfFull Agenda 05-20-19
PPACE Agreement.pdfPPACE Agreement
Full Agenda 06-24-19.pdfFull Agenda 06-24-19
603950 - Vendor Agreements.pdf603950 - Vendor Agreements
Full Agenda 07-22-19.pdfFull Agenda 07-22-19
Full Agenda 08-26-19.pdfFull Agenda 08-26-19
Full Agenda 09-23-19.pdfFull Agenda 09-23-19
CCSF Plan Document.pdfCCSF Plan Document
CCSF Rates.pdfCCSF Rates
Full Agenda 10-28-19.pdfFull Agenda 10-28-19
Arbitration Decision.pdfArbitration Decision
PPA Agreement.pdfPPA Agreement
Full Agenda 12-09-2019.pdfFull Agenda 12-09-2019
CCDSA Agreement.pdfCCDSA Agreement
PPACE Agreement FY19.pdfPPACE Agreement FY19
UASI and SHSP Additional FY19.pdfUASI and SHSP Additional FY19
2018 FAC Meeting Schedule.pdf2018 FAC Meeting Schedule
Full Agenda 01-22-18.pdfFull Agenda 01-22-18
Full Agenda 02-26-18.pdfFull Agenda 02-26-18
FY2018-2019 Tentative Budget.pdfFY2018-2019 Tentative Budget
Full Agenda 03-26-18.pdfFull Agenda 03-26-18
KGA Architecture.pdfKGA Architecture
Full Agenda 04-23-18.pdfFull Agenda 04-23-18
604834 ESRI.pdf604834 ESRI
PPACE Contract FY19 - Legislative.pdfPPACE Contract FY19 - Legislative
Final Budget FY18-19.pdfFinal Budget FY18-19
Full Agenda 05-21-18.pdfFull Agenda 05-21-18
Full Agenda 06-25-18.pdfFull Agenda 06-25-18
Full Agenda 07-23-18.pdfFull Agenda 07-23-18
Full Agenda 08-27-18.pdfFull Agenda 08-27-18
Full Agenda 09-24-18.pdfFull Agenda 09-24-18
604603 Ray Morgan Co.pdf604603 Ray Morgan Co
605006 and 604632 Motorola.pdf605006 and 604632 Motorola
Full Agenda 10-22-18.pdfFull Agenda 10-22-18
Forensic Lease 7115 Amigo St.pdfForensic Lease 7115 Amigo St
UASI and SHSP Additional.pdfUASI and SHSP Additional
Full Agenda 12-10-18.pdfFull Agenda 12-10-18