Q: Who should file the police report?

A: If you or your company suffered any loss, you should complete a report. If your information was used or attempted to be used, you should complete a report. While notifying your banking institution is important, you must also complete a police report. We will not know about or be able to begin an investigation without you reporting the crime to us.

Q: What is an Affidavit of Forgery?

A: An Affidavit of Forgery is a notarized statement from the account holder stating that they did not sign or authorize specific charges to their account or did not write specific checks.  Financial institutions usually have their own affidavit forms for their account holders to complete.

Q: If someone uses my credit card, is it considered Identity Theft?

A: No. If someone uses an existing credit card it is considered fraudulent use of a credit card, and the case is handled by the Financial Crimes Detail of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. If someone obtains a brand new credit card in another person's name, it is then considered Identity Theft.

Q: What if my name or business name is used on counterfeit checks but not my account number?

A: Please complete a police report. Since the checks are counterfeit, you may begin to receive notices about civil liability. You are a victim, along with the person or business that owns the account number.

Q: What if my financial institution does not reimburse me?

A: You should have already completed a police report. By waiting, we lose precious time in collecting evidence. If you are held liable for the charges, please keep a copy of the letter to attach to the report. With the skimming devices becoming more popular and changes in banking practices, we are seeing banks holding the account holders responsible.

Q: What if my bank says I don' t need a police report?

A: You should file a report with the police, regardless.  It is essential for our investigation, as you are likely one of many victims.