1. Don't carry your social security card or health insurance card unless you need it for a particular appointment that day.

  2. Limit the number of credit cards to 2 and one debit card in your wallet.

  3. Pick up your mail promptly each day.

  4. Do not use your mailbox or the blue mailboxes to mail items. Give them directly to a postal carrier or use the post office.

  5. Use a cross cut shredder, shred everything financial and personal information related before you discard it.  

  6. Don't give your personal info, banking information and credit card information to unsolicited calls or emails.   

  7. Review credit card and bank statements carefully for discrepancies. 

  8. Set up online banking and online bill pay. 

  9. Review your credit report at least once a year. (annualcreditreport.com)

  10. Before using your credit/debit card at a point of sale, pull on the card reader.

  11. When entering your PIN make sure to cover it with your free hand.

  12. Keep computers and Antivirus updated.

  13. Use a strong password on all devices, at least 10 characters long.

  14. Set up second factor authentication on accounts that offer it.    

  15. Don't allow unsolicited remote access to your computers.