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homicide_shank_CCSO100-294.jpgCase#: CCSO 100-294
Victim: Evelyn Grace Shank, 45 YOA
Suspect: Unknown
Location: Travelodge Motel 2830 S. Fifth St., Las Vegas, NV
Date: February 4, 1959 (Body discovered February 7, 1959)

Synopsis:  Evelyn Shank, the night clerk at the Travelodge, was the victim of a kidnap/robbery. Her relief worker arrived to discover the switchboard/desk area unoccupied. When he could not locate Shank he called the police. It was determined that approximately $174.50 had been taken. An all points bulletin was broadcast and road blocks were set up in Henderson, Boulder City, Las Vegas and Clark County.

On February 7, 1959, the body of Evelyn Shank was discovered off of Mountain Springs Rd., in a flood drainage area by people riding on horseback. The victim died from a gunshot would to the head.

A 1949-1950 Ford sedan (possibly dark blue) with the headlights on was seen parked near the front door by the co-worker. When he returned from searching for Shank the car was gone.

Anyone with information is urged call the LVMPD Homicide Section at 702-828-3521.

Case #: CCSO 120-526
Victim: James Harry Hartley, 33 YOA
Suspect: Unknown
Location: Paradise Rd. near the old Los Angeles Highway, Sloan, Nevada
Date: Body discovered on March 13, 1954

Synopsis:  Clark County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to the discovery of a body, buried in the desert, at the above location. The victim was later identified as James Hartley; Hartley was a business agent for the Sheet Metal Worker's Union, Local 88. An autopsy was performed and determined that the victim died from a gunshot to the head. His car was found in Los Angeles, across from the sheet metal worker's union hall, with several bullet holes in the windshield.

Several leads were pursued related to Union activity but no one was ever charged.

Anyone with information is urged call the LVMPD Homicide Section at 702-828-3521.