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COPS - CNA Defined

CNA (Center for Naval Analysis) worked as an independent third party under a cooperative agreement managed by COPS.  
CNA has a proven track record of improving law enforcement agencies across the country by conducting analysis on high-profile and high-risk incidents. CNA looked at five areas within LVMPD: LVMPD Policy, Procedure, Training, Tactics and community engagement/involvement. They conducted an in-depth analysis of these areas in order to ascertain the underlying issues with respect to LVMPD officer-involved shootings. 

CNA collected data as well as conducted interviews and on-site visits with both members of the LVMPD as well as community members and groups. CNA used everything they collected in order to make recommendations for improvements to LVMPD. CNA produced a final report that included data analysis, policy and practice review and recommendations for future improvements.

CNA Scope of Work

About CNA Members

Collaborative Reform Process -- A Review of Officer-Involved Shootings in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. A DOJ/COPS report.

Collaborative Reform Process: Six-Month Assessment Report of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Collaborative Reform Model, Final Assessment Report of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, May 2014

Assessment of the Collaborative Reform Initiative in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department: A Catalyst for Change, January 2017