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Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Wives

Our Mission: The Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Wives Organization exists to build camaraderie, provide support and better the lives of our LVMPD Families.

Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Wives is a nonprofit organization made of women who are here to help support your family! The LVMPO Wives group was established in May of 2009 for the purpose of connecting with other wives, building a community through friendships and supporting each other through life. Over the past decade the group has grown to include over 1000 wives! It is made up of active and retired LVMPD Police and Correction Officer Wives.

What We Do
• Catastrophic Support
• Emergency Child & Pet Care
• Hospital Care Kits
• Housekeeping
• Meal trains
• Mentoring Support
• Newborn Arrival Bags
• Officer & Department Support
• Social & Fundraising Events

We are a 100% volunteer driven group. We are fueled by love and backed by donations. We provide the material services listed (and more) as long as the means are available to make it possible.
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IG: lvmo_wives
Twitter: lvmpo_wives

Police Wives of Southern Nevada

Our Mission: To stand united facing life's unexpected twists and turns head on among law enforcement agencies in Southern Nevada by bridging gaps between agencies, families, and the community across different races, backgrounds, religions, cultures, and life styles in an effort to establish collaborative support for law enforcement families experiencing catastrophic health events.

8461 Farm Road, Ste 120-340,

Las Vegas, Nevada 89131,