Police Chaplain Program



Who Are they?

LVMPD's Police Chaplain Program began in December 2005 with five members of the local clergy attending a specialized 30 hour training program. From there they were each assigned to an area command as the primary focus of their duties. Recent additions to the program have provided the ability to supply each area command with two chaplains.  Chaplains have been assigned to a few sections, outside of area commands, and will continue to be assigned as numbers grow.

What Do They Do?

On call 24 hours per day, the chaplains offer comfort, advice, spiritual support and an attentive ear when lives are affected by tragedy. Though they are each assigned primarily to an area command, they are available to help all Metro employees. The chaplains work in conjunction with PEAP in providing counsel and emotional support for a variety of life issues, whether work-related or not.

Who Can They Help?

Though the chaplains' primary role is to support Metro employees, they also assist the department with community needs such as providing comfort to victims of crime. It's important to remember that these people are volunteers! They have all agreed to volunteer at least 20 hours per month. You will see them riding along with patrol, attending briefings, graduations, special events, or simply stopping in to say hello.

Conversations with chaplains are strictly confidential with two exceptions:

  1. If you are an immediate threat to yourself or another.
  2. Information regarding the abuse or neglect of a child.

How Can I Find One Of Them?

Metro employees may contact any Police Chaplain directly through PBX, or call the PEAP office to get their contact information. ANY Police Chaplain can be contacted regardless of their area of assignment. The current chaplain assignments are:

  • Dean Sanner, Lead Police Chaplain – NEAC
  • Tony Forehand - NEAC
  • David Jimenez - DTAC
  • Raymond Giddens - DTAC
  • Russ Goodrum - EAC
  • Angel Cruz - EAC
  • Roger Johnson – SEAC/Airport
  • Pastor Patrick Detken - SEAC
  • Phil Roberts - SCAC
  • Robert Alba - SCAC
  • Jimmy Morales – NWAC/Academy
  • Steve Beason – NWAC/Academy
  • Mendy Harlig – CCAC
  • Steve Willis – CCAC
  • Jeff “Neal” Berkey – BAC
  • Douglas Gilbert – BAC
  • Matt Teis – SVAC
  • Greg Zeal – SVAC
  • Sanford Marks – Headquarters
  • Gail Roybal – Communications/CSI
  • Marilee Maduro – Communications/CSI/Evidence Vault
  • Bonnie Polley – CCDC