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Auto Theft Recovery

If you are a recent victim of an auto theft in the Las Vegas Valley, your vehicle may have been recovered already. Many times vehicles have been recovered but for many reasons the owner does not find out about the recovery until storage fees have accumulated.

Be aware that although the lists include recovered vehicles, these are all of the recovered vehicles in the valley and it may still be necessary for you to contact the case detective for information about your vehicle. If, in fact your vehicle is listed in the "recovery database, " please notify your case detective after you have picked up your vehicle.

Vehicles are listed in numerical order based on license plate number or VIN. 

Please note that vehicles stolen in other jurisdictions, such as Henderson, North Las Vegas, etc. are not represented on this page. 


​A & G Towing​702-298-1061
​Ashley's Towing​702-382-3508
​City Wide​702-649-2305
​Ewing Brothers​702-382-9268
​Fast Towing​702-383-3278
​Quality Towing​702-649-5711