The LVMPD Counter Terrorism Section (CTS) is responsible for several mission areas, each of which supports the overall goal of preventing terrorism and mass casualty attacks in Southern Nevada. The purpose and parameters for each of these mission areas, as it relates specifically to the LVMPD CTS, are defined as such:

  • International Terrorism: Terrorism activities, as defined by the FBI, which occur primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S., and/or those activities that transcend national boundaries or include direction from a foreign actor or group.
  • Domestic Terrorism: Terrorism activities, as defined by the FBI, which occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S. and without any foreign direction or influence.
  • Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Threats: Suspicious activities regarding an individual threatening to actively engage in killing or attempting to kill people at a school, religious institution, government facility or a confined and populated area. This excludes isolated threats to life or harassment cases.
  • Targeted Violence against Government Officials: The violent targeting of law enforcement or other government officials, excluding financially or personally motivated bomb threats that lack a terrorism nexus.
  • Cyber Attacks against Government Entities: Attempts by hackers to damage or destroy a government computer network or system, to include significant “swatting” incidents.

Espionage Activity: Suspicious activities regarding the practice of spying or using spies, to obtain sensitive or classified information from government entities. LVMPD CTS works with the FBI and other federal partner agencies to assist in reporting such activities to the appropriate entity.