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The following incidents are dispatched or pending in the Metro Dispatch system.

Modified Info
Incident information is updated every 15 minutes, last updated on 11/30/2022 6:30 PM
Event IDEvent DateEvent CodeEvent DescriptionEvent Address
LLV22110011446111/30/2022 6:14:12 PM401B ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY)W WASHINGTON AVE / N I 15
LLV22110011442911/30/2022 6:02:45 PM401 ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC)W CHARLESTON BLVD / S JONES BLVD
LLV22110011442011/30/2022 5:59:28 PM401 ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC)BURNHAM AVE / KAREN AVE
LLV22110011441611/30/2022 5:58:32 PM401 ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC)S DECATUR BLVD / W NEVSO DR
LLV22110011440811/30/2022 5:55:36 PM438 TRAFFIC PROBLEMW TWAIN AVE / WYNN RD
LLV22110011437811/30/2022 5:48:16 PM401B ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY)W SUNSET RD / S DURANGO DR
LLV22110011434911/30/2022 5:40:15 PM401 ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC)KAREN AVE / S EASTERN AVE
LLV22110011432111/30/2022 5:33:00 PM401 ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC)E RENO AVE / S PECOS RD
LLV22110011429511/30/2022 5:24:52 PM401B ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY)3355 S LAS VEGAS BLVD
LLV22110011426511/30/2022 5:14:48 PM401B ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY)W GOWAN RD / N TENAYA WAY
LLV22110011412911/30/2022 4:39:59 PM401B ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY)TURQUOISE RD / N RANCHO DR
LLV22110011409011/30/2022 4:28:27 PM401B ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY)1515 S MOJAVE RD
LLV22110011400211/30/2022 4:05:02 PM401 ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC)BLUE DIAMOND RD / HINSON ST
LLV22110011381011/30/2022 3:14:41 PM401B ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY)N EASTERN AVE / SUNRISE AVE
LLV22110011378511/30/2022 3:08:02 PM401B ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY)N PECOS RD / HARRIS AVE
LLV22110011373811/30/2022 2:55:38 PM401B ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY)6170 BOULDER HWY