The mission of the Emergency Management Section is to provide preparedness planning and response during critical incidents.  On scene, operational support is provided to all sections/bureaus of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department during a response. This is provided by personnel who are available 24/7 on duty or through call out status. On scene support includes command/control support (ICS) to the incident commander, logistical support to all on scene personnel, and liaison with outside agencies. The intent of this mission is to provide supervisors and incident commanders with the tools they need to successfully delegate responding resources and bring the incident to a safe and successful conclusion.  The emergency management section is a liaison to our partner agencies in coordinating any department emergency plans with those affected parties.  Coordinating drills, functional, tabletop and full scale exercises within the department and involving key department members in exercises conducted by local emergency management authorities.

  • The mission of the LVMPD Emergency Management Section is to provide technical and logistical support to operational units
  • To effectively manage critical incidents using the National Incident Management System
  • To coordinate, oversee, and secure Homeland Security Grants

Silver Shield / Critical Infrastructure Protection Program –

Silver Shield, Nevada’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Program implements the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) and incorporates its risk management framework into the program’s overall objectives.  Having initially formed with the mandate to conduct physical security assessments of critical infrastructure/key asset sites, the program has evolved to identify, prioritize, and assess risks regarding infrastructure, assets, systems, networks and functions critical to the state’s economic security, public health and safety.
Silver Shield Objectives include: 
  • Identify, capture and catalog Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources (CI/KR) in Nevada
  • Ensure that emergency response plans are available to dispatchers and first responders
  • Develop framework for sector cooperation and information protection of CI/KR data 
  • Integrate CI/KR protection process into planning for special/major events