The Events Planning Section is staffed by a Lieutenant, one Sergeant, 10 Police Officers, two Special Events Coordinators and one Sr LEST. We are the "triage" for all county and city special events permits. We also can initiate State Temporary Occupancy permits for events that fall within their jurisdiction. 


Permit Requirements
City, County or State ordinances may require a permit for an event. Generally, a permit is required for any event that affects or uses the public's right-of-way. Our office has a signature block for all City, County and State special events and film permits. With the “permit process” generally comes a law enforcement/public safety requirement.  In these instances, our office is responsible to staff these events.  

Permits range from Outdoor Festivals, Parades, Running, Bicycle and Auto race events, PGA Golf events, NBA, UFC, concerts in hotels, grand openings, foot patrol at local shopping malls, Election Department during primary and general elections, traffic control at major conventions, trade shows, carnivals, high school sporting events, protests and rallies as well as numerous other types of events.

Events that may need a permit are any music, dance, or rock festival where music is provided and is held in any place other than a permanent building that was built for the purpose of conducting such activity or any activity on public right-of-way. This also would include block parties on residential streets.

If you have questions about whether you need to submit for a Special Event Permit contact the jurisdiction that governs the location of your event.  For additional  information for Clark County, City of Las Vegas, State of Nevada or Fremont Street Experience click on the corresponding cards.

Film permits are required when the filming is on public right-of-way or on private property when the filming has an adverse affect on nearby public right-of-way.  Over the years the entertainment industry has spent millions of dollars filming in Southern Nevada as we continue to be a popular filming location for TV and motion pictures. In fact, several major award-winning motion pictures have been filmed here. Due to the unique characteristics Las Vegas has to offer, many of these films require running shots or stationary sidewalk filming along the "Strip", the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign or in the downtown Las Vegas area. This requires police officer staffing. Communication with a location manager or director ensures successful filming with the least amount of disruption to the public. Occasionally, a request is made to use our Department logo, equipment, or officers in a film.  This type of request must be submitted to our Public Information Office for approval.  They can be contacted at 702-828-4082.  If you have questions about whether you need to submit for a Film Permit contact the jurisdiction that governs the location of your film shoot.  

Reimbursable Overtime
All requests to the LVMPD Events Planning Section from businesses and citizens for police service on a reimbursable overtime basis must be formally requested in writing. These requests must be emailed or faxed to this office. The Events Planning Section will review the requests and provide officers as appropriate. Also, specialized officers such as pickpocket or Gang Unit detectives can be activated on an "overtime basis" for such events as hotel grand openings or major boxing events. A Special Event Cost Estimate and Agreement is developed by this office. It is then signed by a fiscally responsible person affiliated with the event, prior to scheduling and assigning officers. The signature is an acknowledgment of cost and an agreement to pay, which will be paid in advance by wire transfer, cashier's check or money order only. No personal, company checks or cash will be accepted.  You may pay by credit card, however American Express is not accepted. In addition, Liability Insurance of at least $1,000,000 is required, listing LVMPD as an additional insured.

If officers are utilized for your event, the minimum staffing requirements are 2 Police Officers for a minimum of 3 hours each.

We do not staff officers in the following situations:

Private functions wherein the officers are the sole security 
Bodyguard or personal escort service 
Funeral processions or motorcades 
Guarding private property 
Intelligence gathering or surveillance activities 
Private parties/events where the public does not have access 
Television/movie "extras" 

Quality Control
The LVMPD Events Planning Section strives to provide excellent service. Events Planning Commissioned Personnel regularly check and monitor the events that are staffed by LVMPD Officers. It is not uncommon for the commissioned staff to plan and actually work at the larger events to ensure quality control and the success of the event as planned and discussed with the promoters. Also, some events that are occurring during the week, after hours and on weekends are physically spot-checked to evaluate the staffing level and the accuracy of instructions to officers. In addition, follow-up telephone calls are made in some instances to venues where officers worked to solicit their response on the type of services they received.

All permits must be submitted, in a timely manner, prior to the event.  Contact the entity in which your event is held for specific details.

If you have any further questions of our office we can be contacted at:
Phone 702-828-3442
Fax 702-828-4998