Deputy Chief Sasha Larkin

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, like other police departments, federal agencies, and the nation as a whole had to adjust to the circumstances of September 11, 2001. We entered into a new arena - dealing with terrorism at the local law enforcement level. The Department’s Homeland Security Division is comprised of the Emergency Operations Bureau, Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center, Criminal Intelligence Section and SWAT Bureau. The Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center (Fusion Center) serves as the State of Nevada’s designated Fusion Center.

In conjunction with our Department's coordinated efforts with our state and federal counterparts, the Department has committed additional personnel to supporting the national effort against terrorism via the Southern Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force. We have also harnessed the flexibility and ingenuity of officers in our Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center, our existing Criminal Intelligence Section, Technical and our Surveillance Section in an all-encompassing evaluation of community wide sources of information in the war against terrorism. The Homeland Security Division has also expanded and enhanced our capacity to more accurately define and mitigate emerging events with our all-hazard response section, SWAT Bureau and our Emergency Management Section.

We need and solicit our community's assistance as we all think globally and act locally in our collective war on terrorism. Links in this section provide further detailed information on terrorism topics. Please report any unusual terrorism-related matters to our terrorism hotline at 702-828-7777, or visit to submit an electronic Suspicious Activity Report.


Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center

The SNCTC is a 24/7 all crimes and all-hazards fusion center that responds to incidents within Clark County, Nevada.

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems

The sUAS operates in Clark County during certain situations and special events Clark County, Nevada.


SWAT's mission is to respond and ultimately peacefully resolve critical incidents and high-risk situations with no loss of life.

Nevada CBRNE

The All-Hazard Regional Multi-agency Operations and Response (ARMOR) Section is a collaborative effort integrating multiple law enforcement agencies of Southern Nevada.