The Special Investigations Section is responsible for investigating and enforcing compliance with regulated and privileged businesses.  These businesses include, but are not limited to, the following: Liquor or gaming,  secondhand dealers, psychic arts, pawnbrokers, modeling agencies, burglar alarm dealers, locksmiths, teen dance halls, adult nightclubs, bathhouses, pistol dealers, smoke shops,  Medical Marijuana Establishments, auctioneers, mobile food vendors, ice cream trucks, escort services, massage and reflexology establishments, and rock concert promoters which include RAVE event promoters.

The Special Investigations Section has primary responsibility for enforcing all federal, state, and local laws and for gathering intelligence information concerning these businesses, their owners, and operators. These types of businesses have a higher propensity to be directly or indirectly involved with organized crime and at times are fronts for other illegal activities such as narcotic sales, money laundering, and crimes of violence.

In addition, the Organized Labor Unit of the Special Investigations Section acts as a liaison between union organizations and other units of the department.  The Security Company Uniform and Badge Approval Unit (SCUBA) of the Special Investigations Section reviews and approves, if appropriate, uniforms, badges and vehicle appearances for use by private security companies, and anyone performing the functions of security as directed by Clark County and City of Las Vegas Code.

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