The mission of the newly established Office of Community Engagement (OCE) is to provide resources, contacts and services to the department and our community, and to strengthen community relations through transparent communication and proactive engagement.

We focus in four main areas:  awareness, education, outreach and engagement.

This is done through:

  • The development of youth programming and empowerment
  • Establishing partnerships that create opportunities for prevention and redirection
  • The RECAP (Rebuilding Every City Around Peace) initiative to interrupt and stop cycles of violence; human trafficking outreach and awareness education
  • Establishing community wide relationships with private and public sector partners, as well as with diverse interfaith groups

Program opportunities are created to reach people at three different places in their lives:

  • before they enter the life of crime;
  • after they are in the life and decide they want out;
  • or once they are incarcerated, they are given reentry tools to make better choices once they are released.

Help us accomplish our vision of to have the most progressive, engaged and enlightened partnerships between law enforcement and the community in America and to build the strongest, most engaged community of trust.

To learn more about the OCE and the programs we offer and support, and how you can become a part of our work in community please visit us on:



Email us at; or call us at 702 828-3309.