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210100127658 - Will Rob for Beer 5th Release.pdfCommercial Robbery Series, UPDATED Media Re-Release3/24/2021
Afshar, Shahab 2549742 04-12-2021.jpgBooking Photo - Shahab Afshar4/16/2021
Booking photo of Frost.jfifPhoto of Malik Frost  4/25/2021
Dudley, Jakarr 2701889 03-24-2021.jpgBooking Photo - Jakarr Dudley3/25/2021
Fatal210100130415.pdfFatal #12, Auto vs. Pedestrian,  E. Charleston Blvd. e/o Las Vegas Blvd. South1/29/2021
Fatal210200046783.pdfTraffic Related Fatality #14, W. Sahara Ave at S. Las Vegas Blvd,  Automobile versus Pedestrian2/11/2021
Fatal210300096308.pdfFatal# 22, Auto vs. MC, E. Tropicana Ave. & S. Mountain Vista St.3/21/2021
Flier of Missing Person Diane Johnson.pdfFlier of Missing Person Diane Johnson4/8/2021
Missing Persons
Gritz, Christina 7103092 03-20-2021.jpgBooking Photo - Christie Gritz3/20/2021
Gritz, Leon 8359068 03-20-2021.jpgBooking Photo - Leon Gritz3/20/2021
Hit and Run210200090129.pdfHit and Run - E Charleston Blvd and Pecos St 3/3/2021
Huff, Tramell 2644352 04-11-2021.jpgBooking Photo - Tramell Huff4/13/2021
Hughes, Malik 8542564 03-17-2021.jpgBooking Photo - Malik Hughes3/18/2021
Jones, Jarell 8153004 04-11-2021.jpgBooking Photo - Jarell Jones4/13/2021
Missing Endangered Jorge Palme.pdfMissing Endangered Jorge Palme Flier4/5/2021
Missing Persons
Missing Person Gillie.jpgPhoto of Gillie1/27/2021
Missing Persons
Missing Person Gillie.pdfPress release of Gillie1/27/2021
Missing Persons
Missing person Nicholson.pdfFlyer of MP Amari  Nicholson5/6/2021
Missing Persons
Photo - Jorge Palme.jpgPhoto - Jorge Palme4/5/2021
Missing Persons
Photo 2 of Ramos.JPGPhoto 2 of Ramos1/7/2021
Photo of Collotta.jfifPhoto of Nicholas Collotta4/22/2021
Photo of Diane Johnson.jpgPhoto of Diane Johnson4/8/2021
Missing Persons
Photo of Meade.jfifBooking Photo of Mark Meade4/27/2021
Photo of Ramos.JPGPhoto of Ramos1/7/2021
PO 001 01-04-21.pdfTwo Women Arrested After Video of Abuse Surfaces Online1/4/2021
PO 001 Edwards, Jakia 7100498 12-30-2020.jpgBooking Photo - Jakia Edwards1/4/2021
PO 001 Gilbert, Stephany 7100471 12-29-2020.jpgBooking Photo - Stephany Gilbert1/4/2021
PO 001a 01-14-21.pdfUPDATE - Third Suspect Arrested - Two Women Arrested After Video of Abuse Surfaces Online1/14/2021
PO 002 01-06-21.pdfBody of Missing Woman Found - Suspect Arrested1/6/2021
PO 002 Ayala, Matthew 5143925 01-05-2021.jpgBooking Photo - Matthew Ayala1/6/2021
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PO 272 12-31-20.pdfLVMPD Livestream First Tuesday on January 5 to Discuss 2020 and Innovative Policing in 202112/31/2020PO 272 12-31-20PIO
PO 271 12-30-20.pdfDetectives Seek Help to Locate Mother of Abandoned Child12/30/2020PO 271 12-30-20PIO
PO271a LLV201200122520 flier.pdfAbandoned child flyer12/30/2020PO271a LLV201200122520 flierPIO
PO 270 12-29-20.pdfOfficials Underscore Safety Amid Pandemic at New Year's Eve News Conference Today 12/30/2020PO 270 12-29-20PIO
PO 269 12-30-20.pdfDetectives Seek Help to Identify Retail Burglary Suspect12/30/2020PO 269 12-30-20PIO
PO 269 Suspect Photo 1.pngSuspect Photo 112/30/2020PO 269 Suspect Photo 1PIO
PO 269 Suspect Photo 2.pngSuspect Photo 212/30/2020PO 269 Suspect Photo 2PIO
PO 269 Suspect Photo 3.pngSuspect Photo 312/30/2020PO 269 Suspect Photo 3PIO
Traffic201200128145.pdfFatal Traffic Collision #101, S. Fort Apache Road at W. Furnace Gulch Ave, Vehicle vs Vehicle12/30/2020Traffic201200128145Traffic
Robbery201200077606.pdfCommercial Robbery - Media Release Evt #20120007760612/30/2020Robbery201200077606Robbery
Missing Endangered Jawaher Hejji.pdfJawaher Hejji Missing Endangered Flier12/29/2020Missing Endangered Jawaher HejjiMissing Persons
PO 268 12-28-20.pdfMan Killed in Southeast Valley12/28/2020PO 268 12-28-20PIO
PO 267 12-28-20.pdfMan Shot and Killed in Apartment Complex.12/28/2020PO 267 12-28-20PIO
Robbery201200116230.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#20120011623012/28/2020Robbery201200116230Robbery
Jawaher Hejji.jpgPhoto of Jawaher Hejji12/28/2020Jawaher HejjiMissing Persons
Traffic201200114557.pdfCritical Injury, Auto vs. Pedestrian, W. Flamingo Rd. & Calle San Remo12/27/2020Traffic201200114557Traffic
Traffic201200111097.pdfCritical Injury (4-year-old) Auto vs. Auto, E. Flamingo Rd. & S. Pecos Rd.12/27/2020Traffic201200111097Traffic
Traffic201200106059.pdfFatal# 98, Motorcycle vs Auto, S. Bermuda Rd. and E. Robindale Rd. 12/25/2020Traffic201200106059Traffic
Missing Person-Juvenile-Angel.pdfAngel Sisters Missing Person Flyer12/24/2020Missing Person-Juvenile-AngelMissing Persons
Andrea Angel.jpgPhoto of Andrea Angel12/24/2020Andrea AngelMissing Persons
Alyssa Angel.jpgPhoto of Alyssa12/24/2020Alyssa AngelMissing Persons
Anamarie Angel.jpgPhoto of Anamarie12/24/2020Anamarie AngelMissing Persons
PO 266 Wallace, Darrell 7100010 12-18-2020.jpgBooking Photo - Darrell Wallace12/23/2020PO 266 Wallace, Darrell 7100010 12-18-2020PIO
PO 266 12-23-20.pdfSexual Assault and Robbery Suspect Arrested - Detectives Seek Additional Victims12/23/2020PO 266 12-23-20PIO
PO 265 12-23-20.pdfSex Crimes Lieutenant Richard Meyers Discusses Sexual Assault Investigations - Detectives Seek Additional Victims12/23/2020PO 265 12-23-20PIO
PO 263b 12-22-20.pdfAssistant Sheriff Christopher Darcy Discusses December 19, 2020 OIS12/22/2020PO 263b 12-22-20PIO
PO 263a 12-21-20.pdfOfficer Involved in December 19, 2020 OIS Identified12/21/2020PO 263a 12-21-20PIO
Traffic201100127640_UPDATE.pdfFatal #99, Auto versus Auto, W. Flamingo Rd. at Sandalwood Dr.12/21/2020Traffic201100127640_UPDATETraffic
PO 264 12-19-20.pdf Man Shot and Killed in a Hotel Room12/19/2020PO 264 12-19-20PIO
PO 263 12-19-20.pdf LVMPD Investigates 19th OIS of 202012/19/2020PO 263 12-19-20PIO
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Traffic190800097284_update.pdf*Update* Delayed Fatal # 115, Auto vs. Fixed Object,  S. Durango Dr. at Eldora Ave.2/25/2020Traffic190800097284_updateTraffic
Robbery191200089869.pdfCommercial Robbery with Deadly Weapon, EVT# 1912000898692/21/2020Robbery191200089869Robbery
Robbery191200096600.pdfMEDIA RELEASE, Robbery with Deadly Weapon, LVMPD EVENT # 1912000966002/21/2020Robbery191200096600Robbery
Robbery191000004457.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1910000044571/7/2020Robbery191000004457Robbery
PO 003 01-02-20.pdfThe LVMPD Rolls Out Community Feedback Survey Today to Gauge Public Opinion1/2/2020PO 003 01-02-20PIO
PO 001 01-01-20.pdfDetectives Seek the Public’s Assistance to Identify Kidnapping Victim and Suspect1/1/2020PO 001 01-01-20PIO
Robbery191200118941.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT# 19120011894112/31/2019Robbery191200118941Robbery
Traffic191200140757.pdfFatal # 112, SUV vs Auto, Tropical Pkwy east of Torrey Pines Dr12/31/2019Traffic191200140757Traffic
Traffic191200141862.pdfFatal # 113,114, Auto vs Semi Trailer, Lamb Blvd north of Cecil Ave12/31/2019Traffic191200141862Traffic
Robbery191200145657.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release, LVMPD EVENT # 19120014565712/31/2019Robbery191200145657Robbery
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