Press Releases

PO 144 10-14-19.pdfMan Found Dead Inside a Vehicle10/14/2019PO 144 10-14-19PIO
PO 143a Photo of Prestipino.jfifChristopher Prestipino Booking Photo10/14/2019PO 143a Photo of PrestipinoPIO
PO 143 10-14-19.pdfMissing Woman’s Body Found in Desert10/14/2019PO 143 10-14-19PIO
PO 143b Photo of Mort.jfifLisa Mort booking photo10/14/2019PO 143b Photo of MortPIO
Traffic191000054684.pdfDead Body, 710 S. Casino Center Blvd.10/12/2019Traffic191000054684NewTraffic
Traffic191000053820.pdfFatal #81, Motorcycle vs Pole, W. Ogden Ave east of S. City Pkwy10/12/2019Traffic191000053820NewTraffic
Missing Endangered.pdf Fernando Najera10/11/2019Missing EndangeredMissing Persons
Traffic191000051600.pdfFatal # 80, Auto vs Bicycle, Hacienda Ave west of Rapunzel Ct 10/11/2019Traffic191000051600NewTraffic
Robbery190900085653.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#19090008565310/11/2019Robbery190900085653NewRobbery
PO 142 10-10-19.pdfMan Murdered Inside Apartment10/10/2019PO 142 10-10-19PIO
PO 140a 10-07-19.pdfUpdate- Detectives Seek Suspect Who Committed Street Level Robberies10/7/2019PO 140a 10-07-19PIO
PO 140 10-05-19 Video.wmvDetectives Seek Suspect Who Committed Street Level Robberies, Video 10/5/2019PO 140 10-05-19 VideoPIO
PO 140 10-05-19.pdfDetectives Seek Suspect Who Committed Street Level Robberies10/5/2019PO 140 10-05-19PIO
Robbery190900137131.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#19090013713110/3/2019Robbery190900137131Robbery
Robbery191000007317.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#19100000731710/2/2019Robbery191000007317Robbery
Robbery190900146047.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#19090014604710/2/2019Robbery190900146047Robbery
PO 094a 10-01-19.pdfUpdate-Man Shot Inside an Apartment in Central Valley10/1/2019PO 094a 10-01-19PIO
Traffic190900131323_updated.pdfFatl #79, Vehicle vs. Concrete Barrier, E. Sahara Ave & Voyage Cove Dr10/1/2019Traffic190900131323_updatedTraffic
PO 139 09-27-19.pdfLVMPD Area Commands Host National Night Out on October 19/27/2019PO 139 09-27-19PIO
Traffic190900131323.pdfCritical Injury, Vehicle vs Concrete Barrier, E. Sahara Ave & Voyage Cove Dr9/27/2019Traffic190900131323Traffic
Traffic190900118505.pdfFatal #76, Auto vs. Bicycle, Hit & Run, W. Warm Springs Rd west of Blair Barry Ct9/27/2019Traffic190900118505Traffic
Robbery190900094326.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1909000943269/27/2019Robbery190900094326Robbery
Robbery190900093096.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1909000930969/27/2019Robbery190900093096Robbery
PO 138 09-25-19.pdfLVMPD Participates in Youth Basketball Tournament9/26/2019PO 138 09-25-19PIO
Traffic190900123417.pdfFatal #78, Multiple Vehicle Collision, ETropicana Ave at S Nellis Blvd9/26/2019Traffic190900123417Traffic
Robbery190900083938.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1909000839389/26/2019Robbery190900083938Robbery
PO 136a 09-25-19.pdfUpdate-Man Murdered in Failed Robbery Attempt9/25/2019PO 136a 09-25-19PIO
PO 135a 09-25-19.pdfUpdate- Homicide Victim Located in Desert Area in Northeast Valley9/25/2019PO 135a 09-25-19PIO
Traffic190900119760.pdfFatal #77, Multiple Vehicle Collision,  W. Sahara Ave. at Steven Rigazio Ct. 9/25/2019Traffic190900119760Traffic
PO 137 09-24-19.pdfDetectives Attempt to Identify Burglary Suspects in Southwest Valley9/24/2019PO 137 09-24-19PIO
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Traffic181200137906.pdfFatal #137, Auto vs Pedestrian, E. Bonanza Road east of Marion Drive12/31/2018Traffic181200137906Traffic
Traffic181200136808.pdfFatal #138,  Auto vs Pedestrian, E. Sahara Avenue at S. Las Vegas Boulevard12/30/2018Traffic181200136808Traffic
PO 234 12-30-18.pdfWoman Is Killed After Being Intentionally Ran Over with Vehicle12/30/2018PO 234 12-30-18PIO
PO 233 12-28-18.pdfDetectives Seek Help Locating Suspect in Robbery Attempt12/28/2018PO 233 12-28-18PIO
Traffic180628-1472_update.pdfFatal #136, Auto vs. Fixed Object, S. Cameron St. and W. Quality Ct., Updated Release12/27/2018Traffic180628-1472_updateTraffic
Robbery181200095029.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#18120009502912/27/2018Robbery181200095029Robbery
Robbery181200109446.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#18120010944612/27/2018Robbery181200109446Robbery
PO 231 12-27-18.pdfOfficials Discuss New Year's Eve Preparations12/27/2018PO 231 12-27-18PIO
Robbery181200111825.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#18120011182512/26/2018Robbery181200111825Robbery
PO 232a 12-26-18.pdfUpdate - Suspect Arrested - Man Found Stabbed on Roadway12/26/2018PO 232a 12-26-18PIO
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