Press Releases

PO 113 05-31-20.pdfSecond Day of Protests Turns to Violence and Looting Despite Faith Leaders Pleas for Peace5/31/2020PO 113 05-31-20NewPIO
PO 112 05-30-20.pdfProtests Turned Violent, Leading to 80 Arrests and 12 LVMPD Officers InjuredProtests Turned Violent, Leading to 80 Arrests and 12 LVMPD Officers Injured5/30/2020PO 112 05-30-20PIO
PO 111 05-30-20.pdfMan Shot During Confrontation5/30/2020PO 111 05-30-20PIO
PO 109 05-29-20.pdfLVMPD Rolls Out New Appointment System5/29/2020PO 109 05-29-20PIO
PO 110 05-28-20.pdfLVMPD Area Commands Hold Virtual First Tuesday on June 25/28/2020PO 110 05-28-20PIO
PO 108 05-28-20.pdfMan Killed During Drug-Related Robbery 5/28/2020PO 108 05-28-20PIO
200500113346Traffic.pdfDelayed Fatality, Auto vs Pickup, 31881 South Las Vegas Blvd5/26/2020200500113346TrafficTraffic
Robbery200500054717.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release #2005000547175/26/2020Robbery200500054717Robbery
Traffic200500109768.pdfFatal #37, Auto vs Ped vs Auto, Maryland Pkwy s/o E. Twain Ave.5/23/2020Traffic200500109768Traffic
PO 104 05-21-20.pdfDetectives Seek Additional Victims5/21/2020PO 104 05-21-20PIO
PO 102 05-20-20.pdfMan Found Deceased Near Apartment Complex5/20/2020PO 102 05-20-20PIO
PO 101 05-19-20.pdfAbuse and Neglect Investigation Leads to LVMPD Officers Arrested5/19/2020PO 101 05-19-20PIO
PO 101b Photo of Destini.jfifBooking Photo of Destini Woodruff5/19/2020PO 101b Photo of DestiniPIO
PO 101a Photo of John.jfifBooking Photo of John Woodruff5/19/2020PO 101a Photo of JohnPIO
PO 100 05-19-20.pdfLVMPD Graduation Ceremony of 48 New Police Officers to Be Livestreamed5/19/2020PO 100 05-19-20PIO
PO 095b 05-13-20.pdfAssistant Sheriff Christopher Darcy Discusses May 10, 2020 OIS5/18/2020PO 095b 05-13-20PIO
PO 099 05-15-20.pdfMan Killed in Southeast Valley5/15/2020PO 099 05-15-20PIO
PO 092a 05-15-20.pdfUpdate-Deceased Man Found in Drainage Canal5/15/2020PO 092a 05-15-20PIO
PO 095a 05-12-20.pdf Officers Involved in May 10, 2020 OIS Identified5/13/2020PO 095a 05-12-20PIO
PO 098 05-12-20.pdfIn-Custody Death of CCDC Inmate5/12/2020PO 098 05-12-20PIO
PO 097 05-12-20.pdfMan Found Deceased on Roadway After Argument5/12/2020PO 097 05-12-20PIO
PO 096 05-11-20.pdfSouthern Nevada Law Enforcement Honors Fallen Heroes5/11/2020PO 096 05-11-20PIO
PO 095 05-11-20.pdfLVMPD Investigates 8th OIS of 20205/11/2020PO 095 05-11-20PIO
PO 091b 05-08-20.pdfAssistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman Discusses May 5, 2020 OIS5/8/2020PO 091b 05-08-20PIO
Traffic200500036518.pdfFatal #36, Auto vs Ped, Desert Inn at La Canada5/8/2020Traffic200500036518Traffic
PO 094 05-07-20.pdfLVMPD Asks Public to Police Their Pools5/7/2020PO 094 05-07-20PIO
PO 091a 05-07-20.pdfOfficer Involved in May 5, 2020 OIS Identified5/7/2020PO 091a 05-07-20PIO
Traffic200500032379.pdfFatal # 35, Auto vs Minivan, Fort Apache Rd at Russell Rd5/7/2020Traffic200500032379Traffic
PO 093 05-06-20.pdfMan Killed During Drug Transaction5/6/2020PO 093 05-06-20PIO
PO 092 05-06-20.pdfDeceased Man Found in Drainage Canal5/6/2020PO 092 05-06-20PIO
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Traffic190800097284_update.pdf*Update* Delayed Fatal # 115, Auto vs. Fixed Object,  S. Durango Dr. at Eldora Ave.2/25/2020Traffic190800097284_updateTraffic
Robbery191200089869.pdfCommercial Robbery with Deadly Weapon, EVT# 1912000898692/21/2020Robbery191200089869Robbery
Robbery191200096600.pdfMEDIA RELEASE, Robbery with Deadly Weapon, LVMPD EVENT # 1912000966002/21/2020Robbery191200096600Robbery
Robbery191000004457.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1910000044571/7/2020Robbery191000004457Robbery
PO 003 01-02-20.pdfThe LVMPD Rolls Out Community Feedback Survey Today to Gauge Public Opinion1/2/2020PO 003 01-02-20PIO
PO 001 01-01-20.pdfDetectives Seek the Public’s Assistance to Identify Kidnapping Victim and Suspect1/1/2020PO 001 01-01-20PIO
Robbery191200118941.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT# 19120011894112/31/2019Robbery191200118941Robbery
Traffic191200140757.pdfFatal # 112, SUV vs Auto, Tropical Pkwy east of Torrey Pines Dr12/31/2019Traffic191200140757Traffic
Traffic191200141862.pdfFatal # 113,114, Auto vs Semi Trailer, Lamb Blvd north of Cecil Ave12/31/2019Traffic191200141862Traffic
Robbery191200145657.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release, LVMPD EVENT # 19120014565712/31/2019Robbery191200145657Robbery
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