Press Releases

PO 175 08-06-20.pdfLVMPD Releases New PSA to Stop Illegal Parties8/7/2020PO 175 08-06-20NewPIO
PO 173a 08-07-20.pdfUPDATE-Suspect Arrested-Senior Citizen Randomly Attacked8/7/2020PO 173a 08-07-20NewPIO
PO 173b Solomon's photo.jfifBooking photo of Alex Solomon8/7/2020PO 173b Solomon's photoNewPIO
PO 174 08-05-20.pdfMan Commits Suicide During Police Contact8/5/2020PO 174 08-05-20PIO
PO 173 08-04-20.pdfSenior Citizen Randomly Attacked8/4/2020PO 173 08-04-20PIO
PO 172 08-04-20.pdfLVMPD to Hold Facebook Live Virtual First Tuesday on August 48/4/2020PO 172 08-04-20PIO
Traffic200800011610.pdfTraffic-Related Fatalities #56 and #57,  Auto versus Pedestrians Fatal-Traffic Collision, S. Maryland Pkwy at E. Katie Ave 8/4/2020Traffic200800011610Traffic
Traffic200800009562.pdfFatal #55, Auto vs Fixed Object, Sands Ave east of LVBS8/3/2020Traffic200800009562Traffic
PO 171 08-01-20.pdfTwo Men Shot at Party in Southeast Valley8/1/2020PO 171 08-01-20PIO
PO 170 07-31-20.pdfDomestic Dispute Leaves One Dead 7/31/2020PO 170 07-31-20PIO
Jones, Oris 8408820 07-31-20.jfifJones Mugshot7/31/2020Jones, Oris 8408820 07-31-20PIO
Traffic200700128752.pdfFatal #54, Auto vs Auto / N. Decatur Blvd. at W. Carmen Blvd.7/30/2020Traffic200700128752Traffic
Robbery200600009482.pdfCommerical Robbery Media Release7/30/2020Robbery200600009482Robbery
PO 169 07-29-20.pdfLVMPD Awards 77 Employees for Excellence in Closed Ceremony Today7/29/2020PO 169 07-29-20PIO
PO 168 07-29-20.pdfLVMPD Asks Public to Use Online Services Amid Heat Wave7/29/2020PO 168 07-29-20PIO
PO 167 07-29-20.pdfLt. Lloyd Death7/29/2020PO 167 07-29-20PIO
PO 166 07-29-20.pdfTwo Killed in Downtown Shooting7/29/2020PO 166 07-29-20PIO
PO 165 07-29-20.pdfMan Stabbed After Argument7/29/2020PO 165 07-29-20PIO
Traffic200700121523.pdfCritical Injury, Auto vs MC, Valley View n/o Russell 7/28/2020Traffic200700121523Traffic
PO 164 07-27-20.pdfMutually Agreed Settlement between LVMPD and Tashi Farmer's Family7/27/2020PO 164 07-27-20PIO
PO 162 07-23-20.pdfMan Dies After Being Stabbed at Pool Party7/23/2020PO 162 07-23-20PIO
Traffic200700065191.pdfFatal #53, Auto versus Pedestrian Fatal-Traffic Collision, S. Boulder Hwy south of S. Nellis Blvd 7/23/2020Traffic200700065191Traffic
Traffic200600122127.pdf*Delayed Fatality*, Vehicle vs Semi, E. Lake Mead Blvd. at Radwick Dr.7/23/2020Traffic200600122127Traffic
Traffic200700093054.pdfFatality involving vehicle, Auto vs. Pedestrian / S. Las Vegas Blvd n/o W. Wigwam Ave.7/22/2020Traffic200700093054Traffic
Robbery200700080295.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#2007000802957/21/2020Robbery200700080295Robbery
PO 158 07-20-20.docxLVMPD Launches New ‘Text to 9-1-1’ Program7/20/2020PO 158 07-20-20PIO
PO 155a 07-20-20.pdfUpdate-Man Killed in Central Valley7/20/2020PO 155a 07-20-20PIO
Green, Noah 8330336 07-20-20.jfifGreen mugshot7/20/2020Green, Noah 8330336 07-20-20PIO
Traffic200700083688.pdfCritical Injury, Auto vs. Ped (Juvenile) / W. Charleston Blvd. west of Sky Vista Dr7/20/2020Traffic200700083688Traffic
Traffic200700083688_UPDATE.pdfFatal #52, Auto vs. Ped (Juvenile), W. Charleston Blvd. west of Sky Vista Dr.7/20/2020Traffic200700083688_UPDATETraffic
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Traffic190800097284_update.pdf*Update* Delayed Fatal # 115, Auto vs. Fixed Object,  S. Durango Dr. at Eldora Ave.2/25/2020Traffic190800097284_updateTraffic
Robbery191200089869.pdfCommercial Robbery with Deadly Weapon, EVT# 1912000898692/21/2020Robbery191200089869Robbery
Robbery191200096600.pdfMEDIA RELEASE, Robbery with Deadly Weapon, LVMPD EVENT # 1912000966002/21/2020Robbery191200096600Robbery
Robbery191000004457.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1910000044571/7/2020Robbery191000004457Robbery
PO 003 01-02-20.pdfThe LVMPD Rolls Out Community Feedback Survey Today to Gauge Public Opinion1/2/2020PO 003 01-02-20PIO
PO 001 01-01-20.pdfDetectives Seek the Public’s Assistance to Identify Kidnapping Victim and Suspect1/1/2020PO 001 01-01-20PIO
Robbery191200118941.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT# 19120011894112/31/2019Robbery191200118941Robbery
Traffic191200140757.pdfFatal # 112, SUV vs Auto, Tropical Pkwy east of Torrey Pines Dr12/31/2019Traffic191200140757Traffic
Traffic191200141862.pdfFatal # 113,114, Auto vs Semi Trailer, Lamb Blvd north of Cecil Ave12/31/2019Traffic191200141862Traffic
Robbery191200145657.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release, LVMPD EVENT # 19120014565712/31/2019Robbery191200145657Robbery
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