Press Releases

Traffic200900073447.pdfFatal #69, Passenger Alighting from Vehicle, W. Russell Rd w/o S. Buffalo Dr9/17/2020Traffic200900073447Traffic
Robbery200900048072.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release  #2009000480729/17/2020Robbery200900048072Robbery
Robbery200700067058_Re-Release.pdfSTILL UNSOLVED - MEDIA RELEASE - Commercial Robbery with Deadly Weapon9/17/2020Robbery200700067058_Re-ReleaseRobbery
Traffic200300050710_update.pdfFatality #68, Auto vs Pedestrian Fatal-Traffic Collision, S. Eastern Ave at E. Rochelle Ave9/17/2020Traffic200300050710_updateTraffic
PO 195 09-16-20.pdfWoman Shot While Driving on Interstate9/16/2020PO 195 09-16-20PIO
Traffic200900066430.pdfCritical Injury Collision, Multiple Vehicle Collision, S. Fort Apache Rd. at W. Lake North Dr. 9/16/2020Traffic200900066430Traffic
Traffic200900065456.pdfFatal #67, Auto vs fixed object, 3925 S. Jones Blvd 9/16/2020Traffic200900065456Traffic
PO 194 09-16-20.pdfMan Stabs Roommate to Death9/15/2020PO 194 09-16-20PIO
PO 193a  09-11-20.pdfOfficers Involved in September 9, 2020 OIS Identified9/15/2020PO 193a 09-11-20PIO
PO 193b 09-11-20.pdfAssistant Sheriff Chris Jones Discusses September 9, 2020 OIS9/15/2020PO 193b 09-11-20PIO
Traffic200900060857.pdfCritical Injury Traffic Collision, Pickup Truck vs Bicyclist, Sahara Ave. at Durango Dr.9/14/2020Traffic200900060857Traffic
Robbery200800004987.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#2008000049879/14/2020Robbery200800004987Robbery
Robbery200700050934.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#2007000509349/14/2020Robbery200700050934Robbery
Traffic200900058558.pdfCritical Injury - Auto vs Auto / E. Windmill Ln at S. Gilespie St.9/13/2020Traffic200900058558Traffic
Traffic200900041410.pdfCritical Injury Collision, Auto versus Fixed Object / S. Fort Apache Rd. south of W. Flamingo Rd.9/10/2020Traffic200900041410Traffic
PO 192 09-07-20.pdfLVMPD Investigates 14th OIS of 20209/9/2020PO 192 09-07-20PIO
PO 192b 09-09-20.pdfAssistant Sheriff Christopher Darcy Discusses September 6, 2020 OIS9/9/2020PO 192b 09-09-20PIO
PO 190a 09-09-20.pdf UPDATE - Foul Play Considered in Woman’s Disappearance9/9/2020PO 190a 09-09-20PIO
PO 193 09-09-20.pdfLVMPD Investigates 15th OIS of 20209/9/2020PO 193 09-09-20PIO
PO 192a 09-08-20.pdfOfficer Involved in September 6, 2020 OIS Identified9/8/2020PO 192a 09-08-20PIO
Traffic200900032983.pdfAuto vs Ped, Carey at Bledsoe  9/8/2020Traffic200900032983Traffic
Robbery200800125765.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release Evt#2008001257659/8/2020Robbery200800125765Robbery
Traffic200800082137.pdfFatality #66, Auto versus Bicyclist Fatal-Traffic Collision,  N. Martin Luther King Blvd at W. Washington Ave 9/8/2020Traffic200800082137Traffic
Traffic200900023398.pdfFatal #65, Pickup Truck vs Fixed Objects, Sahara Ave east of Sandhill Rd9/6/2020Traffic200900023398Traffic
PO 191 09-05-20.pdf Robbery Suspect Targets the Elderly  9/5/2020PO 191 09-05-20PIO
Photo 2.jpgSuspect Photo 29/5/2020Photo 2PIO
Suspect photo 1.jpgSuspect photo 19/5/2020Suspect photo 1PIO
Stolen Truck.bmpStolen Car Photo9/5/2020Stolen TruckPIO
Traffic200900017702.pdfFatal #64,  Auto vs Pedestrian, W. Lake Mead Blvd e/o Torrey Pines Dr9/5/2020Traffic200900017702Traffic
PO 190 09-03-20.pdfFoul Play Considered in Woman’s Disappearance9/3/2020PO 190 09-03-20PIO
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Traffic190800097284_update.pdf*Update* Delayed Fatal # 115, Auto vs. Fixed Object,  S. Durango Dr. at Eldora Ave.2/25/2020Traffic190800097284_updateTraffic
Robbery191200089869.pdfCommercial Robbery with Deadly Weapon, EVT# 1912000898692/21/2020Robbery191200089869Robbery
Robbery191200096600.pdfMEDIA RELEASE, Robbery with Deadly Weapon, LVMPD EVENT # 1912000966002/21/2020Robbery191200096600Robbery
Robbery191000004457.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1910000044571/7/2020Robbery191000004457Robbery
PO 003 01-02-20.pdfThe LVMPD Rolls Out Community Feedback Survey Today to Gauge Public Opinion1/2/2020PO 003 01-02-20PIO
PO 001 01-01-20.pdfDetectives Seek the Public’s Assistance to Identify Kidnapping Victim and Suspect1/1/2020PO 001 01-01-20PIO
Robbery191200118941.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT# 19120011894112/31/2019Robbery191200118941Robbery
Traffic191200140757.pdfFatal # 112, SUV vs Auto, Tropical Pkwy east of Torrey Pines Dr12/31/2019Traffic191200140757Traffic
Traffic191200141862.pdfFatal # 113,114, Auto vs Semi Trailer, Lamb Blvd north of Cecil Ave12/31/2019Traffic191200141862Traffic
Robbery191200145657.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release, LVMPD EVENT # 19120014565712/31/2019Robbery191200145657Robbery
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