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PO 213a 11-15-18.pdfUpdate - Video Added - Man Killed During Road Rage Incident11/15/2018PO 213a 11-15-18PIO
Traffic181100066631.pdfFatal #122, Auto vs Motorcycle, E. Desert Inn Rd east of S. Vista Del Monte Dr11/15/2018Traffic181100066631Traffic
Robbery181100065044.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#18110006504411/15/2018Robbery181100065044Robbery
Traffic181100057757.pdfFatal #121, Auto vs. Pedestrian, N. Rancho Dr south of N. Decatur Blvd11/14/2018Traffic181100057757Traffic
PO 213 11-13-18.pdfMan Killed During Road Rage Incident11/13/2018PO 213 11-13-18PIO
PO 212 11-08-18.pdfLVMPD Officers Invite Residents for Coffee and Conversation11/9/2018PO 212 11-08-18PIO
Robbery181100040097.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#18110004009711/9/2018Robbery181100040097Robbery
PO 211a 11-08-18.pdfUPDATE 78-year-old Man Violently Beaten During Carjacking 11/8/2018PO 211a 11-08-18PIO
PO 211 11-07-18.pdf78-year-old Man Violently Beaten During Carjacking 11/7/2018PO 211 11-07-18PIO
Robbery18110009246.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1811000924611/4/2018Robbery18110009246Robbery
Traffic_DUI-Checkpoint-11-01-18.pdfDUI Checkpoint Scheduled November 1, 201811/1/2018Traffic_DUI-Checkpoint-11-01-18Traffic
Traffic181000145548_Updated.pdfUpdated Release, Traffic-Related Fatality #119, S. Decatur Blvd at W. Cory Pl, Auto vs Bicyclist11/1/2018Traffic181000145548_UpdatedTraffic
Traffic180804-1939_updated.pdfDelayed Fatal #120, Single Motorcycle, Eastern Ave south of Bracken11/1/2018Traffic180804-1939_updatedTraffic
Traffic181000165630.pdfFatal #113, Auto vs. Auto, E. Flamingo Rd. & Swenson St.10/31/2018Traffic181000165630Traffic
PO 205 10-30-18.pdfMan Shot During Fistfight10/30/2018PO 205 10-30-18PIO
Shakespeare, Noel 2796611 10-30-18.jfifBooking Photo of Noel Shakespeare10/30/2018Shakespeare, Noel 2796611 10-30-18PIO
PO 203b 10-30-18.pdfAssistant Sheriff Charles Hank Discusses October 27, 2018 OIS10/30/2018PO 203b 10-30-18PIO
PO 204 10-29-18.pdfHomeowner Shot During Residential Burglary Attempt10/29/2018PO 204 10-29-18PIO
Thomas, Sheldon 1917987 PO204 10-29-18.jpgPO204a booking photo of Thomas10/29/2018Thomas, Sheldon 1917987 PO204 10-29-18PIO
PO 203a 10-29-18.pdfOfficers Involved in October 27, 2018 OIS Identified10/29/2018PO 203a 10-29-18PIO
PO 203 10-27-18.pdfLVMPD Investigates the 21st Officer Involved Shooting of 201810/27/2018PO 203 10-27-18PIO
Traffic181000145548.pdfCritical Injury Collision, Auto vs Bicyclist, Decatur & Cory10/26/2018Traffic181000145548Traffic
PO 202 10-25-18.pdfDetectives Seeking the Public’s Assistance In Murder Investigation10/25/2018PO 202 10-25-18PIO
PO 202b 10-25-18 suspect vehicle.pngDetectives Seeking the Public’s Assistance In Murder Investigation, Vehicle10/25/2018PO 202b 10-25-18 suspect vehiclePIO
PO 202a 10-25-18 suspect vehicle.pngDetectives Seeking the Public’s Assistance In Murder Investigation, Vehicle10/25/2018PO 202a 10-25-18 suspect vehiclePIO
Traffic181000126732_updated.pdfFatal #117, Katie Ave east of S. Maryland Pkwy, Automobile vs Four Pedestrians, Updated Release10/25/2018Traffic181000126732_updatedTraffic
PO 201a 10-24-18.pdfUpdate-One Suspect Arrested--Detectives Asking for the Public’s Assistance In Identifying Robbery Suspects10/24/2018PO 201a 10-24-18PIO
PO 201b Booking Photo.jfifPhoto of Carter, Anthony 8359937 10-24-1810/24/2018PO 201b Booking PhotoPIO
PO 199 10-24-18.pdfLVMPD Receives MacArthur Foundation Grant10/24/2018PO 199 10-24-18PIO
Traffic181000131666.pdfFatal #116,  Auto vs. Pedestrian, W. Sahara Ave at Palace Station Dr. 10/24/2018Traffic181000131666Traffic
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Traffic170101-1945.pdfSerious Injury Collision, 7135 Gilespie St (Hertz), Auto vs Pedestrian vs Parked Autos, Event #170101-19451/1/2017Traffic170101-1945Traffic
PO 002 01-01-17.pdfFemale Dead Following New Year's Eve Celebration1/1/2017PO 002 01-01-17PIO
PO 001 01-02-17.pdfFirst Tuesday in 2017 Schedule1/2/2017PO 001 01-02-17PIO
PO 003 01-02-17.pdfFamily Disturbance Leaves Elderly Man Dead1/2/2017PO 003 01-02-17PIO
Robbery170103-1533.pdfRobbery Section Media Release 170103-15331/3/2017Robbery170103-1533Robbery
PO 003a 01-03-17.pdfUpdated Release - Suspect Identified - Family Disturbance Leaves Elderly Man Dead1/3/2017PO 003a 01-03-17PIO
Umanzor, Edgar 1942305 03-03-17 PO003a.jpgBooking Photo - Edgar Umanzor1/3/2017Umanzor, Edgar 1942305 03-03-17 PO003aPIO
PO 004 01-03-17.pdfMan Dead after Shooting in Northeast Valley1/3/2017PO 004 01-03-17PIO
PO 005 01-04-17.pdfAll CLEAR Expo Planned For This Weekend1/4/2017PO 005 01-04-17PIO
PO 006 01-04-17.pdfLVMPD Now Hiring for Corrections Recruit1/4/2017PO 006 01-04-17PIO
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