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Traffic190600093112.pdfCritical Injury Collision, S Durango Dr at W Boseck DrAuto VS Fixed Object6/20/2019Traffic190600093112Traffic
Robbery190600072725.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1906000727256/20/2019Robbery190600072725Robbery
Robbery190600034515.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1906000345156/19/2019Robbery190600034515Robbery
PO 082a 06-17-19.pdfOfficer Involved in June 14, 2019 OIS Identified6/17/2019PO 082a 06-17-19PIO
PO 082b 06-17-19.pdfAssistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman Discusses June 14, 2019 OIS6/17/2019PO 082b 06-17-19PIO
Traffic190600062738.pdfDelayed Fatal #54, Pickup Truck vs Pedestrian, Charleston Blvd west of Arville St6/17/2019Traffic190600062738Traffic
Traffic190600041097.pdfDelayed Fatal #53, Auto vs Auto, Hualapai Wy at Twain Ave6/17/2019Traffic190600041097Traffic
PO 082 06-15-19.pdfLVMPD Investigates 10th Officer Involved Shooting of 20196/15/2019PO 082 06-15-19PIO
Robbery190600066664.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1906000666646/15/2019Robbery190600066664Robbery
PO 081 06-14-19.pdfMan Arrested in Connection with January Homicide6/14/2019PO 081 06-14-19PIO
Daniel Lopez 5239226 PO081 06-14-19.jfifMan Arrested in Connection with January Homicide, Booking Photo6/14/2019Daniel Lopez 5239226 PO081 06-14-19PIO
Robbery190600044114.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1906000441146/10/2019Robbery190600044114Robbery
Traffic190600042427.pdfFatal #52, Single Vehicle, Tropical Pkwy at Shaumber Rd6/10/2019Traffic190600042427Traffic
PO 079a Chan Park 2705353.jfifMan Dies a Month After Being Stabbed, Suspect Booking Photo6/7/2019PO 079a Chan Park 2705353PIO
PO 079 06-07-19.pdfMan Dies a Month After Being Stabbed6/7/2019PO 079 06-07-19PIO
PO 078 06-06-19.pdfFuel Thieves Target Las Vegas6/6/2019PO 078 06-06-19PIO
Traffic190600017917.pdfFatal #51, Auto vs Motorcycle, N. License St At Certitude Ave6/5/2019Traffic190600017917Traffic
PO 077b 06-03-19.pdfAssistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman Discusses May 31, 2019 OIS6/3/2019PO 077b 06-03-19PIO
PO 077a 06-02-19.pdfOfficers Involved in May 31, 2019 Officer Involved Shooting Identified6/2/2019PO 077a 06-02-19PIO
Traffic190600005525.pdfFatal #50, Auto vs Auto, S. Pecos Road and E. Villa Way6/2/2019Traffic190600005525Traffic
PO 077 05-31-19.pdfLVMPD Investigates 9th Officer Involved Shooting of 20195/31/2019PO 077 05-31-19PIO
Traffic190500147379.pdfFatal #49, Auto vs Tree, Granite Ridge Rd and Grey Feather Dr5/31/2019Traffic190500147379Traffic
Traffic190500108112.pdfFatal #48,  N. Main St. at E. Ogden Ave., Auto Vs. Pedestrian5/30/2019Traffic190500108112Traffic
Robbery190500049690.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1905000496905/30/2019Robbery190500049690Robbery
Robbery190500133509.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1905001335095/28/2019Robbery190500133509Robbery
Robbery190500116663.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#1905001166635/26/2019Robbery190500116663Robbery
PO 075a 05-25-19.pdfUpdate - Early Morning Shooting Leaves a Woman Dead5/25/2019PO 075a 05-25-19PIO
PO 075 05-24-19.pdf Early Morning Shooting Leaves a Woman Dead5/24/2019PO 075 05-24-19PIO
PO 012a 05-22-19.pdfUpdate - Suspect Arrested - Man Found Dead on Sidewalk5/22/2019PO 012a 05-22-19PIO
Diaz-Ibarra, Mateo 8467458 PO012 05-22-19.jpgUpdate - Suspect Arrested - Man Found Dead on Sidewalk5/22/2019Diaz-Ibarra, Mateo 8467458 PO012 05-22-19PIO
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Traffic181200137906.pdfFatal #137, Auto vs Pedestrian, E. Bonanza Road east of Marion Drive12/31/2018Traffic181200137906Traffic
Traffic181200136808.pdfFatal #138,  Auto vs Pedestrian, E. Sahara Avenue at S. Las Vegas Boulevard12/30/2018Traffic181200136808Traffic
PO 234 12-30-18.pdfWoman Is Killed After Being Intentionally Ran Over with Vehicle12/30/2018PO 234 12-30-18PIO
PO 233 12-28-18.pdfDetectives Seek Help Locating Suspect in Robbery Attempt12/28/2018PO 233 12-28-18PIO
Traffic180628-1472_update.pdfFatal #136, Auto vs. Fixed Object, S. Cameron St. and W. Quality Ct., Updated Release12/27/2018Traffic180628-1472_updateTraffic
Robbery181200095029.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#18120009502912/27/2018Robbery181200095029Robbery
Robbery181200109446.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#18120010944612/27/2018Robbery181200109446Robbery
PO 231 12-27-18.pdfOfficials Discuss New Year's Eve Preparations12/27/2018PO 231 12-27-18PIO
Robbery181200111825.pdfCommercial Robbery Media Release EVT#18120011182512/26/2018Robbery181200111825Robbery
PO 232a 12-26-18.pdfUpdate - Suspect Arrested - Man Found Stabbed on Roadway12/26/2018PO 232a 12-26-18PIO
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