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Special Weapons and Tactics Bureau (SWAT)

The mission of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department SWAT team, in conjunction with the Crisis Negotiation Team, is to secure the voluntary surrender of individuals and/or to conduct high-risk search warrant services in support of our department’s initiatives.  The team’s overall mission is to respond and ultimately peacefully resolve critical incidents and high-risk situations with no loss of life. Even if this mission is not immediately accomplished, both teams are equipped with the ability to gather crucial intelligence and buy valuable time which will allow for better decision-making and tactical planning.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department demands that officers hold the highest regard for the dignity and liberty of all persons, and place minimal reliance upon the use of force. The department respects the value of every human life, and the application of deadly force is a measure to be employed only in the most extreme circumstances.

The sanctity of human life is paramount and SWAT officers will make every attempt to preserve life.