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​The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department strives to be as transparent as possible to improve trust in our community, while protecting our residents and visitors. 

The data herein are preliminary and subject to further revision and analysis. The crime and arrest data are based on the date the incident occurred. 

Weekly Crime Report

LVMPD publishes a weekly crime statistical report to catalog crime statistics within. The report is broken down by area command and overall totals year-to-date. Explanation of the 400 codes (terms) used on the Statistical Crime Briefing can be found here: Incident Disposition Function Codes

Crime Report - Week ending - September 15, 2023


The LVMPD homicide statistic sheet is updated every week and normally reflect changes in the classification of the crime depending upon whether the homicide has been ruled a murder, self-defense or another cause of death.

Murder Stat Sheet - Week ending September 15, 2023

The LVMPD homicide log is prepared by the Analytical Section and is updated weekly.

Homicide Log - Week ending September 15, 2023

Homicide Log by Calendar Year 





Traffic Statistics


Traffic Report- Week ending September 15, 2023

Traffic Data by Calendar Year






Hate Crimes

             Hate Crimes Statistics for 2017 - 2020

Use of Deadly Force - LVMPD’s commitment to the public is to be both transparent and accountable regarding our use of deadly force incidents involving employees.

Crime Mapping - Provides the public with valuable information about recent crime activity in their neighborhood.

Annual Reports - LVMPD annual reports include vital information about the department to include: traffic stats, arrests, crime index, personnel stats and performance measures.  In an effort to assist the public with information pertaining to Uniformed Crime Report (UCR) Statistics, and how crimes are classified, LVMPD is providing the following from the UCR website.