Las Vegas hotel and retail security professionals work hard to provide security and safety measures for their guests while on property.  Please take a moment to help ensure the security and safety of your vehicle while parked in a garage or parking lot.

  • Always LOCK your vehicle, TAKE all valuables to your room, do not leave items in plain view inside your vehicle, or HIDE the items from plain view.   LOCK, TAKE & HIDE!

  • Limit the personal information that you list on your luggage tags.

  • Do not store your luggage inside your vehicle at anytime!

  • Place maps, travel brochures and valuables out of sight in the glove compartment or trunk.

  • Be aware and watch for all suspicious people or activities.

  • Pay close attention to your surroundings while walking to or from your vehicle.

  • Always use your vehicle’s seatbelt; it’s the law!

  • Do not text or talk on a cell phone while driving; it’s the law!

  • Absolutely never drive under the influence!

  • When parking your vehicle for any length of time try to park near well-lit and public areas and check the interior of your vehicle before getting in.






LOCK, TAKE and HIDE is a national crime prevention program the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has in partnership with our business community.

The LOCK, TAKE and HIDE program is effective in communicating the need for guests to LOCK their cars, TAKE their keys and HIDE their belongings. The majority of auto burglaries and auto thefts occur in our tourist corridor when guests leave their vehicles unsecured and leave their belongings in plain sight. This program helps to remind guests to take responsibility for their vehicles and the contents.