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Vegas SafeCam - Community Video Surveillance Registration Program

Welcome to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Departments registration page for Vegas SafeCam.   This program is designed to continue and enhance our partnership with the community.  Through excellent service and communication with our community members; citizens in our community will be helping the LVMPD deter crime, help identify suspects, and increase the proactive approach to crime fighting.  This voluntary program is designed to take advantage of the abundance of video surveillance systems at homes and businesses across Las Vegas to help reduce crime.  There is no fee for this program, your information is confidential, and you can un-register at any time. 


Similar programs have already taken root with other agencies across the nation.  We as an agency have reached out to several different Police Departments and received countless success stories of how this program has helped their communities.  The registration process is simple, completely voluntary, and now available to current Las Vegas residents.

Now available to residents of Henderson. Click here for more information: C.A.P.T.U.R.E. - community video surveillance program

Here’s how it works:  A home owner or business owner installs a surveillance system on their property.  Until something happens, the surveillance system is a deterrent but it does not stop all crime form occurring.  Often times the surveillance system might catch something useful for the police department; however, it goes unnoticed because the owner is unaware of them capturing anything.  What our program will change is the broadening of possible leads to crimes in your area.  The Vegas SafeCam program will give you and the LVMPD a chance to capture the perpetrator coming, leaving, or actually committing a crime in progress.

For example:  You are a home owner that has recently moved into a new home.  You’ve purchased a home surveillance system and have registered your system with the LVMPD.  Several weeks later, a Patrol officer comes to your door and informs you of a recent burglary in your neighborhood.  The Patrol Officer has used the database for this program in their patrol car, and has gone to your residence for follow-up.  The Patrol officer asks you if it would be possible for you to review your video for a suspicious person or vehicle between the listed times of the event.  Upon reviewing the video, you have captured a possible vehicle in connection of the crime.  This information would be passed on to Patrol Officers working your beat and Detectives working on your neighbor’s case.  During the days ahead, a Patrol Officer stops a vehicle matching the description in the area and they find evidence to the crime that was committed in your neighborhood.  Without the video from your surveillance system, the suspect would not have been caught quickly and may have gone on to committing several more crimes in the area. 

This is only one example of how this program would work.  There are endless opportunities with this program to make a difference in our community.

During the registration process, we would not be asking you any of your vital information, we would not be “tapping” in to your surveillance system, and your information would only be accessible to Police Officers for official investigations.  We would require that you would provide your name, address, telephone number, and the location / directions of your cameras.  Once the information is gathered, two things would happen.  If there was a crime in your neighborhood or business, a Police Officer would contact you to look for possible leads.  Or if you have discovered something yourself, you could contact the LVMPD to have a Police Officer come out to your property.  Together, you and the officer would work hand in hand into solving crime in your area.