The Metro Volunteer Program (MVP) began in 1996 after Sheriff Jerry Keller determined a volunteer program was integral to helping the department work together with our growing community to sustain the quality of life that Las Vegans enjoy.

The MVP cadre has grown rapidly, convening an exceptional array of talent and expertise from its citizen volunteers. Volunteer opportunities now exist in every area of the LVMPD.

All volunteers are required to serve a minimum of 8 hours a month. But many log in more time and some even choose to assist in more than one area. The MVPs represent a good cross-section of our community, with the breakdown almost 50-50 in terms of men and women. The 35-55 age range is well-represented, with some volunteers older than 55 and a small percent in their early 20s.

Please be advised the volunteers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are unarmed. Situations that Metro volunteers encounter are non-confrontational and do not require force on the part of the volunteer. Verbal communication skills and problem solving skills are important qualities for a volunteer to possess in any area of assignment.


  1. Candidates must be willing to work a minimum of one 4-hour shift a week.

  2. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age, with the exception of Handicap Parking Enforcement applicants, who must be at least 21 years of age.

  3. Candidates should have access to some type of transportation (public or private).

  4. All applicants will undergo background checks.

  5. Successful candidates will be given training both in general LVMPD operations as well as specific details.

  6. Uniforms and equipment will be provided when necessary.

  7. Volunteers will not be allowed to carry weapons when they are volunteering.