​I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with this wonderful program! It has changed the way so many of us think! We have watched the video many times and I have posted it on my personal Facebook page and I have received so much feedback from my friends & family members. Matthew has learned so much from this program and I happy to say he has made some good choices!

I just wanted to pass on some information, this is due to your hard work.

Savanah was invited to a birthday party by one of her classmates approximately 2 months ago. The plans were to have a birthday bash where students would be drinking alcohol at a private residence, and who knows what other things they would be doing. When Savanah was invited she told her friend that she would not be able to attend due to other pre planed events.

Today at school her friend approached her and told her that she changed her birthday plans. The new plans were to only pick a few friends and have dinner at restaurant and then call it a night. When Savanah asked her why she changed her plans , her answer was “The Every Fifteen Minutes program”, she continued to tell Savanah that the program changed the way she felt and that she saw families destroyed by alcohol and saw the effects it can have on others and she didn’t want to be responsible for anything like that.

Savanah called me immediately and told me this news. She thought you deserved to know. This happened due to your hard work, Great job and Thank you

Hi Kelly, I just wanted to take a quick moment to tell you how great the 15 minute program was.  As a firefighter, I am involved in a lot of different things, but none compare to the program you guys put on.  No stone was left unturned.  Awesome, powerful stuff.  Thanks

Hello Kelly Just wanted to thank you again for all of the efforts you and your team put in to the Every 15 Minutes program at Bishop Gorman.  I can honestly say that this program has affected my daughter Kylie very deeply and in a very positive way.  Although she was never one to drink and drive and was most often the designated driver of her group, she is now adamant about not being on her cell phone or texting while driving and keeping her speed down.  She is also very prepared to spread the word amongst her peers.  Overall I think she has simply developed a whole new appreciation as to how quickly a life can be lost and how precious everyday is.

I just want to tell you that this program is amazing.  Officer Eldridge and two Chaplains’ just left our house after telling us that Zoe had passed.  While we knew this was coming- it was extremely intense and Christy is still in tears and I am sick to my stomach.  As I said we both knew this was coming, but actually having that experience took it to a whole different level.  I am truly amazed how surreal this experience was and I am sure that the pit in my stomach will not be going away anytime soon.  A lot to digest and think about... 

Thank you for doing this program and making it so very real.  I applaud you and I am certain that this program will save lives

That was truly amazing.  If it doesn't open kids' eyes (as well as some adults!), I don't know what will. Thanks for taking the time to put this on here for our kids.  We've lost way too many to accidents.

I just wanted to thank you and all of your partners who were involved in presenting and supporting the Every 15 Minutes program to Centennial last week. I had heard it was a great program but I did not realize the extent of the event. I was amazed at so many aspects of the program. What an undertaking! I think every high school student should be presented with the program. It was very impactful to so many of the students at Centennial. I know for a fact that it will save lives. What more can you be proud of supporting? Thank you for making a difference to our youth and to our community. Thank you for allowing my daughters to be a part of this live changing event. 

I just wanted to say what a huge impact this program has had on our lives. It has reminded us how fragile life is and how quick all can be taken away from us. It has taught us to embrace our children longer and make our days more meaningful. We have noticed a difference in our daughter's attitude with the respect and patience she shows towards us now. We see a sense of maturity in her that we didn't see in her before the program. She has requested no alcohol at her graduation party in June too! She said she would show all of the guests the pictures of the program, if they were to drink....thank you, a million thank yous for choosing Centennial High School as one of the schools to share this program with our youth. As parents, we sure do appreciate all that you do...if you save one life, it is all worth it. 

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate all the time and effort that you have put into a wonderful program.  This has affected both Bryan and I beyond anything that we could have imagined.  It took days for me to quit getting upset while talking about the program with family and friends.  It will be something that will not be soon forgotten.  Anyway, we just wanted to again say thank you to you and everyone that was a part of the program.  If you ever need any help with this in the future, please feel free to call on me.

Hi Kelly, I just wanted to share some feedback I got about last Fridays assembly, this is the first time I have had anything like this and I wanted to share it with you.  It just reinforces what this program means to saving lives and educating our kids. You have a natural talent for reaching young people and the work you do with Every 15 minutes is AWESOME!  Many do not know how much work and effort you expend into each and every program, but I do.  I know that reaching the kids is the best way to get the message out and to impact them it is important to reach them on an emotional level.  Our kids are our future and educating them will only bring positive outcomes.  Thank you Kelly for the work you do; it is priceless!   And thank you for allowing me to be a part of it 

I was a part of the Every 15 minutes program at Cimarron- Memorial High School. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Many of my friends have been drinking and driving and I don't understand why they are making these decisions. I am always the designated driver, and they know they are able to call me if they ever need a ride anywhere. Even if I am not at the party, or on the other side of town, I have informed them I am always there for them. I was 16 when I went through the program so I never knew anyone that would make this ridiculous decision.