Police Athletic League of Southern Nevada

​Police Athletic League of Southern Nevada mission:

“The mission of PAL of Southern Nevada is to provide area youth, age 6 to 17 with positive alternatives through athletics, education and community.  All PAL programs involve local law enforcement as coaches, instructors, mentors, and role models.  Police employee involvement helps promote a positive view of law enforcement and leads to life changing attitudes and relationships.”

Brief Overview:

The majority of the Police Athletic League (PAL) participants reside in the inner city of Las Vegas which often harbors a negative perception of law enforcement. Currently, LVMPD has two full-time Officers who work with the youth both in and outside of school on almost a daily basis. Many of our PAL participants are recruited from the nearby elementary schools. It's not only the youth who benefit from the positive interaction with law enforcement, but it is also the families. When the PAL officer first enters a new neighborhood, residents are often very wary. It takes time for the relationships to form between officers, youth and family but once it does, a wall comes down and society becomes one step closer to bridging the gap between law enforcement and community.

In addition to giving youth and their families a positive view of law enforcement, youth age 6-17 participate in one or more of the athletic and educational programs that are available free of cost. Currently, PAL provides the following programs; boxing, tennis and a soccer program which is taught in conjunction with the Evidence-Based Program, "Positive Action." In addition to the regularly scheduled programs, PAL youth are also very active in keeping the Clark County community clean. Hundreds of community service hours have been completed by the participants.

Visit their website for more information at: www.pallvmpd.com, or follow along on their Facebook page:


Many LVMPD programs like the Police Athletic League are successful because of community partnerships and support. Meet the Corrigan family, one of the biggest donors to the PAL program and youth athletics.