Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the LVMPD’s open competitive job opportunities and employment policies.  We hope you find them useful. Please read these, as well as the General Conditions of Employment, also located on this website, and be sure you are able to adhere to them before applying.  They are both terms of any open competitive job opportunity you apply to.









Q: Where can I learn more about a position to know whether or not I am interested in applying?

A: Each position employed by the LVMPD is defined in a job description, all of which are available on this website.    Each job description includes such information as the duties (essential functions) and minimum requirements (minimum qualifications or "MQs").  The salary for each position is also provided on this site.

Q: How do I find out about future openings in positions for which I have interest?

A: If you are qualified for and interested in a position with the LVMPD, you should complete a job interest card so that we can send you an email when we plan to open a job posting for that position.  You can fill out as many job interest cards as you want for positions for which you qualify and have interest.  You can submit an interest card for particular positions, or for particular career fields, such as forensics or information technology.

Q: What is the difference between a Police Officer and a Corrections Officer at the LVMPD?

A: Police Officers conduct law enforcement work on an assigned shift, serving in any of the patrol or specialized areas of police activities in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, while Corrections Officers maintain inmate supervision and security within the detention facilities operated by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  If testing for either of these positions, please note they have different written exams measuring certain knowledge, skills, and abilities specific to each classification.  In addition, the testing processes are separate and result in separate eligibility lists.  If you have questions about either career path, please contact one of our recruiters for more information.


Q: What are the age requirements to qualify for an LVMPD job?

A. Per our Civil Service Rules and Hiring Standards, an applicant for:

Police or Corrections Recruit shall be at least twenty-one (21) years of age by the date of the first exam for the position applied.
Non-commissioned positions shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age by the date of the first  exam for the position applied.
There is no maximum age for any of our positions.

Q: What are the citizenship requirements to qualify for an LVMPD job?

A. Per our Civil Service Rules and Hiring Standards, an applicant for:

Police or Corrections Recruit shall be a citizen/naturalized citizen of the United States by the date of the first exam for the position applied.       
Non-commissioned positions shall be a citizen/naturalized citizen or permanent resident alien without conditions on status of the United States by the date of the first exam for the position applied. 
Q.  Will the LVMPD sponsor me for a work visa?

A.  No. Qualified applicants must be able to submit proof of eligibility to work in the United States by the date of their background interview.

Q. How does the LVMPD calculate work experience when determining if I meet minimum qualifications?

A. One year of experience means one year of full-time, directly related work experience.  This year is based on the industry standard of 40 hours per week, or 2080 hours per year.  Part-time work can be used, but is converted to the equivalent full-time experience.  For example: two years of part-time experience working 20 hours per week is the equivalent of one year of experience working 40 hours per week.

Q. If the position I am applying for requires a college degree from an “accredited” institution, how can I find out if my college is appropriately accredited?

A. The LVMPD defines accredited post-secondary and post-graduate institutions as those accredited by the national, regional or programmatic accrediting agencies recognized by the Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. A list of accredited institutions can be found by visiting either of these agency’s websites: or

Q. If the position I am applying for says I can have “the equivalent” to a degree, how do I know what is considered equivalent?

A. Qualifying full-time work experience relevant to the position, in addition to that which is minimally required on the job posting, may substitute for the required college degree. The following is the equivalency:

Associate’s Degree = 2 years of full-time, directly-related work experience.

Bachelor’s Degree = 4 years of full-time, directly-related work experience.

Master’s Degree = 6 years of full-time, directly-related work experience.

Q. If my high school or college education was obtained in another country, can I still qualify for an LVMPD job?

A. Yes. A high school education and college degrees obtained outside of the U.S. may be acceptable if the applicant submits a certified copy of a report from an academic credential evaluation agency recognized by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services; the Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc.; or the International Academic Credential Evaluators, Inc. An example of such an agency is Educational Records Evaluation Service ( The report must be submitted to the LVMPD Office of Human Resources by the date of the first exam. Applicants should be aware that obtaining a report may take several weeks and there are associated fees.  If successful in the selection process, candidates should expect to provide an original, certified and sealed report as part of their background investigation.

Q. How does one’s disciplinary history factor into the hiring process?

A: Applicants who are not currently employed by the LVMPD will have their disciplinary and performance history verified and evaluated during the background process. Current LVMPD members participating in an open competitive process will also have their disciplinary and performance history verified and evaluated during the background process.

Current employees participating in a promotional process will have their disciplinary and performance history verified and evaluated as stated on the Promotional Opportunities webpage of this employment site.


Q. How do I get help with completing the online application form?

A. OHR is committed to ensuring that this process is easy and user-friendly.  To help applicants, the Online Employment Application Guide is available.

For technical issues, please contact the toll-free Applicant Support telephone line at (855) 524-5627.  For additional assistance, please contact OHR at (702) 828-3966 or

Q: Can I attach a copy of my resume to the application instead of completing the application?

A: No. You must fully complete the online application.  We do not accept resumes, references, or other documents unless explicitly asked for in the job posting.

Q. I already applied for one job; do I need to apply again if I’m interested in another job?

A.  Yes, you need to submit a complete application for each position you are interested in. Each application is evaluated and scored separately based upon the specific recruitment.

Q. I have already submitted an application, but need to update it.  How can I update my application?

A. With the exception of applicant contact information (name, address, phone number and email address), submitted applications cannot be updated.  To provide updated information after an application has already been submitted, you MUST contact the OHR representative listed on the job posting and then you will have to submit a new, separate application.

Q. What if I can’t remember my username and/or password?

A. From the Applicant Login webpage, click the “I forgot my username and/or password” link.  If you know your username, input that information, then simply answer three previously answered security questions and instantly reset your password, OR

From the Applicant Login webpage, click the “I forgot my username and/or password” link, input your email address and an email containing the requested information will be sent to the email address associated with the account.  Please be sure to check your spam/junk mail folders and also add to your “safe sender” list. If you still do not receive the email notice, then contact NEOGOV Customer Support at (310) 469-0515 (or toll free at 877-204-4442) and follow the prompts for “applicant assistance.”

Q. I’m from another country and wish to apply for a position with the LVMPD.  Is this possible?

A. Yes.  When completing the application profile that contains the “contact information” for the state, scroll down the list to the word “international” from among the states in the list and select.

Q. How do I attach documents to my online application?

A. When the job posting requires specific documents to be attached, you can do so in the “Attachments” section of the online application.  This is located beneath the “Resume” section.  Select “Add Attachments” link, and then select “Browse” to locate the required materials you wish to include with your application.  Please only submit documents specifically required in the job posting.  All other documents will not be considered.

Q. How do I know if my application was received?

A. When you have completed your entire application online and have clicked on the “Confirm and Send” button, the next screen will acknowledge that your application has been received.  You should also receive a confirmation email.

Q. Can I print a copy of my application if I apply online?

A.  The online job application process will take you through five steps: (1) Job Application, (2) Agency-Wide Questionnaire, (3) Supplemental Questionnaire, (4) Confirm Application, and (5) Certify and Submit. After completing Step #4, Confirm Application, you can print a copy of your application before you press “Confirm & Send” Your Application.

Q: What happens once I submit my online employment application?

A. Applications will be reviewed to determine whether or not you meet the minimum qualifications. You will be notified of the results of the screening process via email. Notifications are typically not sent until after the closing date of the recruitment and all applications have been reviewed.  If you have not received this notification prior to the date listed on the job announcement, it is your responsibility to confirm your eligibility to test for this position by contacting the OHR representatives listed on the job posting.


Q. What is the Department’s late policy for its testing processes?

A. Applicants are should report for each scheduled event (such as a Written Exam, Fitness Exam, etc.) a minimum of 30 minutes early to avoid delay.  Failure to report by the scheduled appointment time WILL result in removal from the selection and/or background process.  Further, any required documents and online exams must be submitted by their deadlines or you will not be permitted to continue in the testing process.

Q. What do I need to do to obtain an accommodation for testing purposes?

A. If you require reasonable testing accommodations related to disabilities within the meaning of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended, you must contact the Analyst at the email address listed in the job posting, a minimum of two weeks in advance. Such requests must be in writing and include verifiable documentation of need, depending upon the circumstances. If you have a hardship in meeting this time line, please contact the Analyst, and your case will be evaluated on an individual basis.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is committed to complying with state and federal laws, regulations, policies and procedures concerning equal employment. An applicant who uses assistive devices, such as hearing aids, to attenuate hearing loss or who is otherwise covered under the ADA, as amended, will not be automatically disqualified.

Q. If I’m from out-of-state, how many trips will I have to make to Las Vegas to complete the testing process?

A. All candidates are required to attend all exams listed in the job posting for a particular position. Every effort is made to minimize the number of trips required of out-of-state candidates; however, due to the volume of candidates, it is not always possible.

Once you have successfully completed the testing process and as vacant positions have been authorized to be filled, your background investigation process will begin, at which time you will be required to make additional trips to the LVMPD.

Q. What should I bring and NOT bring to each exam?

A. You will be required to present photo identification when participating in ALL phases of the selection process. Due to security reasons, personal belongings permitted in the testing facility will be limited. Items such as large backpacks, briefcases, duffle bags or similar items may not be allowed. Those items permitted will be left to the discretion of the LVMPD employees administering the examination and may be subject to a search. You may bring cell phones or smart watches, but you will be required to power them completely off during the exam. Other electronic devices, such as PDAs, laptops, and recording devices will not be allowed in the testing facilities.  Additionally, there is no area for observers to wait, and we do not have the resources to watch children during exams; therefore, do not bring anyone with you to the test.

Q. How will I be notified of my status in a testing process?

A. Depending upon the recruitment, you may be notified by logging into your account for some steps in the process and/or via email. You should read the job posting for specifics on notifications. Therefore, it is critical that you include a current email address which is able to receive email from any sender at and that you update your online user account if your email address changes; otherwise, you will need to check your spam folder in case our emails were filtered there. Further, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you have received all notification emails, which will include the date and time of your next exam and other steps in the process, if applicable. If a notification email has not been received prior to the next step in the process, you should contact the OHR representative listed on the job posting.

Q. Is there any study material I can use to prepare for a testing process?

A. Depending on the position, we may have a Study Guide available.  These are available on this site under “Test Preparation.”  Additionally, all of our job postings include the knowledge, skills and abilities that will be covered in the testing process, so you are able to prepare.

Q. Is there any way I can prepare to do well during the Recruit fitness exam?

A. The Study Guide for Police or Corrections Recruit lists what will be measured during the fitness exam.  Additionally, includes fitness standards and a video demonstrating how each exercise is to be performed.  This site also includes the dates and times of various fitness preparation sessions with our Recruiters to help applicants get prepared for the fitness exam.

Q. What if I am unavailable for the entire testing process?  Can I reschedule?

A. Due to the volume of candidates participating in most of our processes, and in order to meet our deadlines to certify the eligibility list, we must adhere to the dates listed on the job announcement for the testing process.  For some exams, you will be able to schedule yourself online for one of the available dates/times posted on the announcement as long as it is done within specified timeframe.  You will also be able to make changes as long as they are also done within that timeframe.  Once that timeframe passes, we will be unable to reschedule you.  Please ensure that you are available for the entire testing process BEFORE applying for the position. 

Q. If I recently tested for an open competitive position, but failed part of the process, can I reapply the next time it comes available?

A. Yes.

Q. If I am currently a probationary LVMPD Corrections Recruit, can I test for Police Recruit?

A. No, per our Civil Service Rules, employees currently serving an initial probationary period with the LVMPD as a Police or Corrections Recruit, a Police or Corrections Officer, or a civilian classification that is filled open competitively and requires the completion of an academy (examples are Dispatch Specialist Trainee, Crime Scene Analyst I), are not eligible to apply.

Q.  If I was disqualified from the testing process due to a background-related issue, when can I test again?

A. An individual who is disqualified during the background process may not reapply, for an open/competitive position specified by the Background Section (e.g., may only be disqualified from commissioned positions, not civilian positions or may be disqualified for both), for the period of time determined by the Background Section based on the reason(s) for the failure.  In some cases, you may be permanently disqualified, in which case you would not be able to test with the LVMPD again.  In all cases, the actual amount of time that you are disqualified for will be communicated to you in writing.  Background decisions include multiple reviews and are final.

Q. If I am currently on a list for an open-competitive position which you just posted for again, am I able to apply to try to improve my standing on the list?

A. If you are on a current eligibility list, you may retest if a recruitment for the same position opens during the life of the list (18 months), as long as you have not tested within the last six months.

Q. If I am currently scheduled in the testing process for an open-competitive position which you just posted for again, am I able to apply?

A. No.  In this case also, you may only be “active” in one testing process for the same position/classification at a time.

Q.  Can I appeal any part of the selection process?

A.  Applicants may contact the OHR representative listed in the job posting immediately upon learning that they do not meet the minimum qualifications, if they believe that decision was made in error.  No other part of the selection process, including background decisions, may be appealed.

Q. Once the eligibility list is created at the end of a testing process, how long does the list last?

A. Eligibility lists for open-competitive processes will be in effect for 18 months from the date of Civil Service Board certification.

Q. Once I’m on an eligibility list, how long will it be before I’m hired?

A. As positions become available, candidates are taken off the list in rank order to fill the vacancies.  We often test in anticipation of expected vacancies, so it may be a while before you are hired.  Your background investigator should be able to keep you informed of the current status of our filling positions from your list.

Q.  Once I complete the testing process, what happens next?

A. If you successfully pass the selection process listed in the job posting and are placed on the eligibility list, you will be contacted by the Background Section as vacant positions are authorized to be filled regarding your background investigation.  This is a thorough process which includes a polygraph and drug test, and may include a psychological evaluation and/or medical examination. You may also be required to pass a standard hearing test and, if needed and unsuccessful on the standard test, may be required to pass a second hearing test which is administered by a specialist in California.  While the Department pays for the cost of the second test, you will be required to pay for related travel expenses. Candidates must meet the LVMPD Hiring Standards.

The background process will require you to complete an automated Personal History Statement (PHS) which must be filled out completely and is extensive. Participating in the background process will also require you to provide the requested documentation outlined on the PHS in a timely manner. You will be provided access to the online PHS by the Background Section, once final scores and rank have been determined. Since you will only have 10 days to complete this once given access, you are encouraged to visit and go to “Join the Force,” “Background” for additional information to begin collecting the necessary information and documents.

Please be aware that, once the background process begins, it typically takes a minimum of 120 days to complete.  Job offers cannot be made until the background process has been completed and candidates are cleared to be hired. 

Q. Can I be disqualified from the background process for my social media content?

A. Yes.  You are applying to be a public servant and are entrusted with the public trust.  Because of this public trust, law enforcement personnel are held to a higher standard of professionalism than private citizens.  Law enforcement personnel must work hard to gain the trust and confidence of the community they serve.  Department members must give thoughtful consideration to their actions to avoid damaging the reputation and trust the department has with the community.

    1. Candidates can be disqualified if their social media content contains speech/images that ridicules, maligns, disparages, or otherwise promotes discrimination against race, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, political affiliation, gender identity and expression or other explicit class of individuals.
    2. Candidates can be disqualified if their social media content contains speech or other expression that suggests the person is engaged in behavior reasonably considered to be unlawful or reckless toward public safety.
    3. Any words/images that can be considered offensive to the general public fall under the category of unacceptable language.


Q. Where is the Department’s Office of Human Resources located?

A. The LVMPD Office of Human Resources is located at the LVMPD Headquarters Complex, 400 S. Martin Luther King Blvd., Building B, Las Vegas, NV 89106.

Q. Once at the LVMPD Headquarters for my exam appointment, where should I park?

A. There is ample free parking located in the parking lot at the front and side of the complex. 

Q. Once I arrive at LVMPD Headquarters for my exam appointment, where do I go?

A. Unless otherwise directed, you will need to check-in at the Main Lobby Visitor’s Window on the first floor of Building B (middle building).

Q. In case I get hungry or thirsty while at the testing process, is there a place to buy something to eat or drink?

A. There are onsite vending machines, which contain drinks and snacks, and require cash.

Q. Who can I call if I have a question?

A. The job posting will include the contact information for the LVMPD employees responsible for each particular process.  For general HR-related questions, you can contact our Reception Desk at 702-828-3966 or email us at  Please allow sufficient time for us to respond to your emails, as we receive many of them and want to give each one the time and attention it they deserve.

Q.  What are the business hours for the LVMPD’s Office of Human Resources?

 A.  We are open from 7:00a to 4:00p PST, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and weekends.


Q. What is the Department’s vision and mission statement?

A. The vision of LVMPD is for the Las Vegas community to be the safest community in America. This vision is realized by prioritizing human life and human interactions, and building trust with the citizens we serve.  The mission of the LVMPD is to provide exceptional police services in partnership with the community. Prioritizing the mental and physical well-being of employees enables our department to perform at exceptional levels and build meaningful relationships with community members.

Q. What are the Department’s values?

A. The acronym “I CARE” is the guiding principle for each and every LVMPD employee. This acronym represents the values of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department: Integrity, Courage, Accountability, Respect for People, and Excellence. The values are supported by behaviors, demonstrated by the actions of members, as they live these values. All employees are expected to represent the values of the LVMPD while in the workplace and off-duty.

Q. Does the Department follow EEO regulations?

A. Yes, the LVMPD is an equal opportunity employer. All appointments to the competitive service shall be made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, military service, gender identity or expression, or political affiliation, and shall be based on merit and fitness only.



Q. What benefits does the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department offer to their full-time, permanent employees?

A. The LVMPD offers excellent benefits, which are available on this site.  They are also specifically listed as part of the job posting for each open position.

Q. Will I be tested for drugs once I’m hired by the Department?

A. Yes, the LVMPD is committed to a drug-free work environment; therefore, your hiring process will include a drug test.  Once hired, all LVMPD employees participate in the Department’s random drug screening process.

Q. Does the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department give preference to applicants who have served in the military?

A. Yes, you may be eligible for Veteran’s Preference Points if you 1) submit your DD214 that indicates service of at least 181 days of active duty; OR 2) are currently in the Armed Forces and submit your Statement/Proof of Service Memo/Letter that indicates service of at least 181 days of active duty. The 181 days of active duty do not have to be consecutive days.  These are the only two documents we will accept as proof of military service.

The Statement/Proof of Service Memo/Letter or DD214 (Member-4 Form) must include the following information:

  • Signature from the military Commander or Human Resources
  • Character of service - must be in good standing
  • Dates of service - must reflect at least 181 cumulative days of active service

In order to be considered for Veteran's Preference Points, you MUST submit your DD214 or Statement/Proof of Service to your application.   We are no longer accepting  hard copies at the time of your Oral Board Exam. This is the ONLY time your proof of military service will be accepted.  Late military documentation will NOT be accepted.  If you have had a name change since your DD214 was issued, please note the change on the form (your current name) prior to attaching and submitting it with your online application.

Eligible candidates shall have 2 Veteran’s Preference Points added to their final score after passing all exams to determine their ranking on the resulting eligibility list. Veteran’s Preference Points shall be applied to eligibility lists for full-time, paid open-competitive positions only and added to the final passing score.  Veteran’s Preference Points may only be used one time to gain employment with our Department.

Please note that the Background Section will verify the documentation. If it is determined that the character of service is not honorable, you will be disqualified from the selection process.

Q. Can I come in for a ride-along or sit-along for a job in which I have interest?

A. The Office of Human Resources does not schedule ride-alongs or sit-alongs for open-competitive positions.  However, we do offer mandatory or voluntary seminars  for certain positions to provide more job information.  This would be outlined in the job posting.

Q.  Does the LVMPD accept POST Certification from other law enforcement agencies in lieu of attending your Recruit Academy?

A.  We do not accept POST certification from any other law enforcement agencies. You are required to attend the LVMPD Recruit Academy.

Q. Does the LVMPD accept lateral Police or Corrections Officers?

A. The LVMPD does not accept laterals at this time, however experienced officers are always welcomed.

Q. How do I apply for part-time employment?

A.  All part-time job opportunities are posted on this site, along with our open-competitive job opportunities.  You must submit an online application for any of our part-time positions.  Part-time employees work 19 hours per week and/or no more than 988 hours per year.

If you still have a question that has not been answered by these FAQs, please contact the LVMPD Office of Human Resources at 702-828-3966 or Specific questions regarding Police Recruit and Corrections Recruit may be directed to our Recruiters at 702-828-5787 or

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.