Physical fitness will play a huge role in your career as a Police or Corrections Officer, not only because of health reasons, but also because of the role fitness plays in the day-to-day, job-related tasks you will be asked to perform. The first step in the physical fitness process is maintaining a weekly fitness routine.  The Physical Fitness Exam is the same for both Police Recruit and Corrections Recruit; therefore, it is critical that you achieve optimal physical fitness not only to pass the initial hiring exam, but also to succeed in the Academy and once in the position.

According to the Nevada Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, the Nevada Administrative Code Section 289.200 sets the physical fitness standards required for all peace officers to successfully graduate from a law enforcement academy. These same standards apply to certified peace officers transferring to a Nevada agency from out of state. There are no exceptions or waivers to this requirement. The POST Physical Fitness Test (PPFT) must be passed in its entirety and in accordance with the standard procedures as taught in the PPFT Administrator course.

Police and Corrections Recruit Physical Fitness Standards:

Click here for a video demonstration of the physical fitness test. The standards are as follows:

    • Vertical Jump - Minimum of a 15 inch jump.

    • Agility Run - Completed start to finish in 19.5 seconds or less.

    • Sit Up – 30 correct repetitions in 1 minute.

    • Push Up – 23 correct repetitions with no time limit.

    • 300 Meter Run – Completed start to finish in 68 seconds or less.

    • 1.5 Mile Run – Completed start to finish in 16 minutes 57 seconds or less.

The standards for this exam are in no way indicative of what will be expected of you in the Police or Corrections Academy physically. Much more will be expected. They are merely a first step, which helps us determine if you are ready to proceed in the process per required POST Standards.

We strongly recommend you take advantage of the weekly fitness preparation sessions offered by LVMPD Recruiters.  These fitness preparation sessions are typically offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and you can find more information on our Recruiting Events Calendar and on LVMPD Recruiting Facebook and Instagram.  During these weekly sessions, LVMPD Recruiters will put you through voluntary workouts including Cardiovascular Training, Speed and Agility Training, Flexibility, Strength Training, and more. The sessions are free and you can attend them as much and as often as you like. Please note, you will have to sign a waiver of liability upon arrival to each session.