The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department offers an Internship Program for current college students who are approved by their school to obtain college credits through completing the required work hours and meeting any other associated requirements. All of these requirements must be agreed to by LVMPD, the intern applicant, and the college concerned before the internship starts.

Specific areas where interns may be assigned include Cold Cases, Missing Persons, Criminalistics, Sexual Assault, Property Crimes, Domestic Violence, and Detention Services, etc. However, through sit-alongs, ride-alongs, and tours, interns may also be exposed to more aspects of the Department and its operations. The progress of individual interns is monitored by the Office of Human Resources and may be periodically reported to the college to which the intern belongs.

The minimum qualifications for an internship with the LVMPD are as follows:

  1. Age 18 or above.
  2. U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  3. Currently enrolled in a US college internship course offering credits for completing a specified number of work hours in an internship, or be able to produce a US college letter of intent indicating the student's eligibility for enrolling in such an internship course.
  4. Be able to work a minimum of eight hours a week.
  5. Have sufficient health insurance coverage.

Students meeting these criteria may fill out an online application by performing the following steps: 


Click "Apply Now"

Scroll down

Click "Apply Now" again

Click "Open Competitive Opportunities"

Scroll down

Click "See All Current Openings"

Look for LVMPD Intern

Open an account

Submit application


Applications should be filed at least 45 days before the start of the semester in which the internship will start.

After passing an initial screening, candidates will be contacted by a background investigator.  If you are invited to a background interview, you are required to bring all documents required by the background investigator to be presented at the interview, as well as the following:

1.    your driver’s license or state-issued Identity Card;

2.    official, sealed college transcript(s);

3.    proof of enrollment in a college internship course offering credits for completing a specified number of work hours in an internship, or a college letter of intent indicating your eligibility; and

4.    proof of current health insurance.


A basic background check will be conducted to determine if a candidate may be granted the provisional hire status.  This status enables the candidate to start working as an intern, on condition that the internship will be terminated if the candidate does not pass the in-depth background investigation.

Thank you for your interest.