Study Guides and preparatory materials are only available for select positions, as listed below. You may print out a this material to assist you in preparing for one of the below selection processes. Information varies within each Study Guide depending on the position. Choose a link below to view the corresponding document in PDF format.

Written Study Guides / Informational Booklets

400 codes are used strictly by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to describe or define a particular crime or incident. Use of these codes replaces the English language and affords the Police Department a degree of privacy.

CLICK HERE to download 400 codes.

Oral Board Preparation Tips

  • In the LVMPD Hiring Process is the Oral Board. For many, the Oral Board can be a challenging experience, but with the right preparation, a candidate can be very successful in this portion of the process. Proper research and knowledge can lead you to more confidence and confidence is a necessary ingredient to a successful presentation.

As you embark on your preparation for the Oral Board, keep these helpful hints in mind:

  1. This is a professional job interview. It is expected you dress accordingly. We recommend a business suit and tie for males and a business suit for females. We do not recommend shorts, jeans, flip flops, t-shirts, etc. If you have any visible tattoos, cover them with a skin colored bandage or make up. If you typically wear your hair long or if you have facial hair, consider grooming it for this interview. For any interview, it is important to look the part. The first impression you give the board when you first walk in the room will go a long way. 

  2. During the interview, be enthusiastic and sell yourself. During the interview, at some point you will be asked questions about yourself. These are the questions you should be best prepared for. Have a structured and outlined answer in you mind that goes over your career, military, and educational history. Some people don't always feel comfortable talking about themselves, but the oral board is truly a competition. If you leave out important details about the things you have accomplished in you life, than the raters will be unable to give you the score you deserve. 

  3. Because you have decided to become an employee with the LVMPD, it is important that you can tell us why you want to be an employee with this agency. We are not looking for people who are just "testing the water", we want people who are career minded and who plan on the LVMPD being the last job they will ever have. If this applies to you, than certainly you should know exactly why you want to be a commissioned officer or non-commissioned employee and you should be able to tell us how you have prepared for the position.

For more information regarding test preparation, please contact a Recruiter at or at 702-828-5787.