• The Records and Fingerprint Bureau, Customer Service Section
  • Any area command within LVMPD jurisdiction [Click here to find your nearest Area Command police station]
    • They do NOT accept cash payments
  • Online request
  • Mail in request
    • Records and Fingerprint Bureau, Correspondence Section
      400 S. Martin L. King Blvd., Bldg. C
      Las Vegas, NV 89106
    • Exact payment must be included with request along a copy of acceptable form of ID (see above for all accepted)
Click here to learn how to get a copy of your background check if you live out of state - FAQs

You may acquire a copy of your background check (SCOPE record) for the following purposes:

  • Adoptions
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Immigration purposes
  • Military enlistment
  • Personal use
  • Sealing your records

We will only accept the following forms of VALID (non-expired) government issued photo identification:

  • Any state drivers license or State identification card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Military identification
  • Passport (non-expired)
  • Permanent Resident card (issued by INS)
  • Matricula card (issued by INS) 
The following documents are not recognized as a valid form of ID and will not be accepted:
  • School identification
  • Health cards
  • Work cards
  • Employment identification
  • Employment badges
  • Social Security cards
  • Copies of any form of government issued ID 

The cost of background check (SCOPE record) is $12.00 and payable by:

  • Credit card (Visa, MC, Discover)
  • Debit Card
  • Cash
  • Cashier's Check made payable to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
  • Money order made payable to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department


  • You may only get a background check (SCOPE) of yourself. The information contained in the background are only for any arrests/incidents within LVMPD jurisdiction. If you need to obtain a background check for any other agency, you will need to go to the agency where the incident occurred.
  • If you need to obtain a background check for another person will require the following:
    • An ORIGINAL, notarized letter from the person you are seeking the background check for.
    • The letter must indicate you are the authorized person to obtain a copy of the background.