Nevada Revised Statutes require the registration of all convicted sex offenders under the guidelines of 179D.210 through 179D.430,  and persons convicted of an offense punishable as a Category A felony in the State of Nevada, persons convicted in the State of Nevada or any other place of two or more offenses punishable as felonies under the guidelines of NRS 179C.010

Nevada Revised Statutes

Registration within 48 hours: Any convicted person who resides or is a visitor in the State of Nevada must register with local law enforcement within 48 hours of arrival.

Convicted persons registration must be completed in the jurisdiction where an individual resides. Henderson Police Department registers for residents in the City of Henderson, and North Las Vegas Police Department registers for residents in the City of North Las Vegas.  LVMPD will register for those who reside in the Las Vegas area and other outlying areas in Clark County with the exception of the two agencies noted.

Online Service Now Available:

In order to assist the members of our community, LVMPD now offers an EXPRESS option for our citizens who are required to comply with the registration requirements according to NRS 179D.

Simply log onto to perform the following functions:

  • Frequent Verification
  • Change of home address
  • 30 Day Check In
  • Update your Vehicle/Employment Information

Follow the prompts to update your information.

Print your Offender Watch Express confirmation information.

Report to LVMPD Records & Fingerprint Bureau within 48 hours to receive your EXPRESS number from the Information Booth.