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​Welcome to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's Citizen Online Reporting System. If this is an Emergency please call 9-1-1. Using this online citizen police report system allows you to submit a report immediately and print a copy of the police report for free. Please confirm the following to find out if online citizen police report filing is right for you:


​Is this an Emergency (If Yes, please call 911 immediately)? ​Yes No
​Did the incident happen in the City limits of Henderson or North Las Vegas? ​Yes No
​Did the incident occur in another State? Yes No
​Is there any biometric evidence such as DNA or blood? ​Yes No
Is this an addition to an existing report already filed? Yes No
​Do you know the name of the suspect, have the license plate, or video of the incident?
Yes No
Does the incident involve an automobile or other motor vehicle that was stolen?
Yes No
​Does the incident include theft of a firearm, license plate, or coin operated machine? ​Yes No
​Does this incident involve any physical confrontation between victim and suspect (pushing, shoving, hitting, and battery)? Yes No
​If your crime is a theft, did someone enter your home, business, locked garage without your permission? Yes No
​If filing a report for damage to your vehicle; is the damage a result of a traffic collision, accident or hit and run? Yes No
​Did someone use your personal information to open a line of credit, file taxes, or obtain a job?
Yes No
​Was a weapon used in the commission of the crime? Yes No
​Are you a victim of an internet crime such as social media harassment, computer hacking, internet fraud etc.? Yes No
​Did the crime involve the theft from a mailbox or PO box.? ​Yes No

If your crime is a theft, did someone pick your pocket, or take your purse while you were holding it?

​Yes No

If you have answered NO to ALL the above questions, please continue.

Note: Filing a false police report is a crime! Every person who knowingly makes a false report that a felony or misdemeanor has been committed is guilty of a misdemeanor per NRS. 207.280

​Did the incident occur within the jurisdiction of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department? ​Yes No
​Do you understand that filing a false police report is a crime? Yes No
​Are the value(s)/damage(s) less than $5000.00? ​Yes No
​Are you eighteen (18) years of age or older? ​Yes No
​Do you have an email address? (A valid return email address is required in order to file an online report.) ​Yes No

If you have answered Yes to the above five questions, you are ready to enter our Citizen Online Reporting System.


To file a Police Report in person: Filing A Report

If you have questions about your online report, or need additional help please email