By statute, NRS 179, an individual may request that a court seal records of arrest, criminal conviction, acquittal, or dismissal.  For clarification purposes, an order sealing records is not an expungement of records, which allows for the destruction of the records.  Rather, an order sealing records removes the records from general information sources but does not authorize their destruction.  In fact, a record sealed pursuant to statute may later be used in certain circumstances. (See NRS 179.295 and 179.301) 

Information and a reference guide regarding the Sealing of Records are available on the Clark County District Attorney website. You will find a Sealing of Records Booklet and Record Sealing Forms for both Justice and District Court. (Charges from Municipal Court will need to be petitioned through the City Attorney Office on a Municipal Court Order.)  

From the City of Las Vegas Website (for Municipal Court Charges), go to Municipal Court and completely out this packet and follow the return instructions.

Prior to preparing a Petition and Order, a request for current, verified copy of applicants criminal history “for the purpose of sealing records” must be obtained from the local law enforcement agency of the city and/or county in which the conviction was entered or in which the petitioner appeared in court.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) maintains a criminal history (SCOPE printout) for most arrests and/or citations within Clark County, however, only criminal history for the LVMPD and agencies that the LVMPD enters criminal history for will be released.  For example, the LVMPD will not release criminal history for Henderson and North Las Vegas . LVMPD charges a $11.00 fee for the SCOPE printout (your background check). If you are sealing records with multiple Law Enforcement Agencies, you will need to obtain your Criminal History with each agency that entered/maintains the arrest/citation information requesting to be sealed (i.e., Henderson Police Department and North Las Vegas Police Department).  

The Petitioner should list each Arrest/Citation that meets eligibility requirements per NRS 179, on the Petition and Order.  Petitioner should follow the requirements listed on the District Attorney’s website to ensure the documents are filled out correctly.  LVMPD is not authorized to give legal advice on Sealing of Records.  You will need to contact an Attorney or Legal Library for assistance in preparing these documents.