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Financial Crimes Section

It is the mission of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Financial Crimes Section to prevent financial criminal acts when possible. When crimes do occur, the Financial Crimes Section investigates the incidents and cooperates with other agencies in completing the investigation. It also recovers money and property for the victims, when possible, but restitution is handled by the court system when there is a criminal prosecution.

According to the Federal Trade Commission’s 2016 calendar year report, Nevada ranks 5th in Fraud complaints. Nevada is 9th in Identity Crime complaints. In 2015, Nevada was 19th in Identity Crime complaints, which means Nevada has seen an increase in these types of crimes.

For major metropolitan areas, the FTC ranks Las Vegas as 13th in the nation for Fraud crimes. For Identity Crimes, Las Vegas is ranked 25th.

In 2016, the Financial Crimes Section received 8047 criminal complaints. Please review the subsections for tips on crime prevention and what to do if you are a victim of any of these crimes.

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Financial Crimes
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